$200,000 Magic of Nick Cannon Epic Disneyland Tradition for 12 Kids

$200,000 Magic of Nick Cannon Epic Disneyland Tradition for 12 Kids

Nick Cannon spilled the financial tea on ‘The Breakfast Club,’ revealing that he splurges around $200,000 annually to treat his 12 kids to the magic of Disneyland. In his candid admission, the 43-year-old TV personality shared how his frequent visits to the theme park have evolved from the days when he hosted the Christmas morning parade, enjoying perks and freebies.

Reflecting on the change, Cannon emphasized, “It’s no longer free, and I only had two kids then.” Now a monthly Disneyland visitor, he navigates the park with a hefty annual expense of $200,000, highlighting the rising costs associated with the entire Disney experience.

Cannon, a father to twins, shares his joyous Disneyland escapades with a diverse set of kids from different relationships. From Moroccan and Monroe with ex-wife Mariah Carey to Rise Messiah, Powerful Queen, Golden Sagon, Beautiful Zeppelin, Zion, Zillion, Halo Marie, Legendary Love, and Onyx with various partners, Cannon’s family outings are nothing short of a grand affair.

Beyond admission fees, Cannon humorously lamented the added expenses of staying in a Disneyland hotel and the necessity of making reservations. Playfully, he even called out to Mickey Mouse for the good old hookup, reminiscing about his days as an employee.

As the holiday season approaches, Cannon, Santa suit at the ready, anticipates making it extra special for his kids. He enthusiastically stated, “Saint Nick will be in every chimney I could possibly be in,” promising some over-the-top festivities in the next 30 days. Join Nick Cannon as he embraces the magic of Disneyland and creates unforgettable moments for his growing family. The $200,000 magic of Nick Cannon unfolds in the enchanting world of Disneyland, where the joy is priceless.

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