25 Simple Tips for a More Positive Day (Even If You’re Feeling Meh)

25 Simple Tips for a More Positive Day (Even If You’re Feeling Meh)

Spending time in nature, having a friendly chat with a stranger, and savoring that perfect cup of tea or coffee, prepared just the way you prefer it.

A recent survey of 2,000 adults has revealed that certain simple pleasures and actions can set Brits up for a great day. These mood boosters, which brighten people’s spirits, include spending time in nature, enjoying a friendly chat with a stranger, and savoring that perfect cup of coffee or tea, just the way they like it.

Other popular mood-boosting factors include waking up to a thoughtful message, having exciting plans to look forward to, and witnessing the sun shining brightly. For three-quarters of respondents, these small yet meaningful joys help offset the challenges of the day, such as financial worries and family concerns.

David Horne, the managing director at London North Eastern Railway (LNER), commissioned this research to celebrate the company’s five-year partnership with the suicide prevention charity, Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM). Horne emphasized, “Our research shows it only takes a few moments to set people up for a brighter day. The biggest contributors are acts of kindness, friendship, and a sense of community.” Most of the items on the list are simple pleasures that take very little time to achieve, underscoring the significance of the small things in life.

Here are 25 mood-boosters to start your day positively:

  1. The sun is shining
  2. Having had a great night’s sleep
  3. Spending time in nature
  4. Reading something that makes you smile or laugh
  5. Receiving a compliment
  6. Having your coffee or tea just the way you like it
  7. A long-awaited parcel’s arrival
  8. Everyone in your household being in a good mood
  9. Waking up to a lovely email or message from a friend or loved one
  10. Remembering something nice you’ve planned for later in the day
  11. A cuddle with your pet
  12. A hug from your children
  13. Waking up to a clean home after doing housework the night before
  14. Listening to your favorite music or podcast
  15. Sitting down for breakfast with your family or partner
  16. A friendly chat with a neighbor
  17. Reading an uplifting story in the news
  18. Getting out the door on time
  19. A walk with your dog
  20. A morning workout
  21. A friendly chat with a stranger
  22. Getting up before the rest of the household for some alone time
  23. Watching a funny or uplifting video
  24. Practicing wellness or mindfulness
  25. Receiving an invite to an event

The study found that Brits typically wake up in a negative mood about twice a week. It takes roughly 24 minutes after waking up for most Brits to determine whether they’ll have a good or bad day. Factors such as sleep quality, overall well-being, and the day’s to-do list play a role in their outlook.

67% of participants believe that starting the day positively makes it easier to have a good day overall, as a positive mood often sets the tone for the rest of the day. However, 51% feel that the smallest things can easily tip their mood in either a more positive or more negative direction. When their day starts off on the wrong foot, approximately half of them actively try to change it by making a cup of tea or listening to uplifting music.

For those who don’t make efforts to improve a bad start, they hope the day will naturally take a turn for the better. Dipika Saggi, from CALM, encouraged people to embrace simple, positive actions that can help lift their mood, whether it’s sharing a funny meme with a friend, singing their favorite song in the shower, or savoring a comforting cup of tea. No one should feel alone in their struggles, and it’s essential to find what works for you, whether through a chat with a friend, seeking professional support, or reaching out to organizations like CALM.

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