450 Miles in 4.5 Days: Harvey Lewis Shatters Records at Big’s Backyard!

450 Miles in 4.5 Days: Harvey Lewis Shatters Records at Big’s Backyard!

Embarking on an extraordinary ultramarathon journey, Harvey Lewis experienced a transformative moment on a rural Tennessee roadside. For nearly four days, he relentlessly traversed the same paths, facing sleep deprivation, depleted legs, and physical challenges. However, amidst the adversity, Lewis discovered a rhythm that propelled him forward, leading to an epic victory at Big’s Backyard Ultra, the world championships of backyard ultrarunning.

In this unique discipline, where runners complete a 4.167-mile loop every hour until only one remains, Lewis achieved an unparalleled feat—108 loops, equivalent to an astounding 450 miles in just four and a half days. His strategic mindset to outlast competitors earned him the title when his final opponent, Ihor Verys, couldn’t complete the 108th loop, becoming what’s known as “the assist” in backyard ultrarunning.

Source:Howie Stern

Reflecting on his world record, Lewis remains captivated by the achievement, surpassing previous records by six laps. The 47-year-old high school teacher and seasoned distance runner from Cincinnati displayed unwavering dedication to Big’s Backyard Ultra, a race known for its challenging course devised by ultrarunning gatekeeper Gary Cantrell, also known as Lazarus Lake.

Lewis attributes his success to meticulous preparation, prior experience, and sheer willpower. His training involved peculiar strategies, including simulating short breaks for sleep during lunchtime at school. Lewis faced unexpected challenges like intense hallucinations during previous ultras but navigated them successfully.

His diet, consisting of over 40,000 plant-based calories, showcased a variety of foods, emphasizing the unique demands of ultrarunning. Lewis grazed on avocado wraps, lentil soup, vegan mac and cheese, and more, complemented by calorie-rich fluids like coconut water and Coke.

Overcoming obstacles like falls, rattlesnakes, and the mental strain of ultrarunning, Lewis demonstrated a tenacious spirit, comparing himself to the resilient honey badger. He views the effort required at Big’s as 70% mental and 30% physical, emphasizing the importance of mindset in ultrarunning.

Source:Howie Stern

Beyond personal accomplishments, Lewis ran for a cause, raising funds for the Brighton Center in Northern Kentucky, supporting financial stability and independence. His broader goal is to inspire individuals to invest in their health, urging them to spend time outdoors daily.

As Lewis contemplates future challenges, he envisions pushing the boundaries of endurance in backyard ultras, contemplating the possibility of enduring a fifth night and beyond. For Harvey Lewis, the journey of four and a half days and 450 miles is not just a finish line but a remarkable starting point in a race without boundaries.

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