6 Best Paid AI Tools That Will Save You Time and Money

6 Best Paid AI Tools That Will Save You Time and Money

Throughout recent months, I’ve delved into a multitude of AI tools, ranging from those available for free usage to those that enticed me to invest in a subscription for an enhanced experience.

This article serves as a platform for me to recount my journey, shedding light on the paid AI tools I’ve explored and the rationale behind my decision to discontinue some subscriptions.

Midjourney: Probably the AI tool with the best price/quality

I stumbled upon Midjourney purely by chance.

Before incorporating Midjourney into my workflow, I relied on free images from Unsplash as thumbnails for my online content. However, there was a glaring issue: the ubiquity of these free images meant that my visuals lacked distinctiveness in a sea of similar content. This drove me to invest in a $29/month stock image subscription, initially content with the quality of the paid images. Yet, my contentment was short-lived when I discovered an unforeseen annual commitment tied to the subscription, rendering cancellation impossible.

That moment of frustration prompted a frantic search for an alternative, leading me to the discovery of Midjourney.

Midjourney‘s appeal extended beyond its cost-effective $10/month subscription. What truly captured my enthusiasm were its astonishing features. My initial interaction with the tool evoked the feeling of unwrapping a new toy as a child. The process was remarkably simple: I merely needed to describe my desired image, and like magic, I was presented with a selection of four images to choose from.

Midjourney has proven itself to be an ideal tool for nurturing creativity. It effortlessly brings to life a diverse range of concepts, whether it’s a fair-face-tone girl with brownish hair portrayed in various painting styles.


ChatGPT Plus: Why I canceled my subscription and resubscribed multiple times

If you’ve been keeping up with my updates for the past few months, you’re aware that I’ve discontinued my ChatGPT Plus subscription on multiple occasions.

I stand by that decision.

Upon the initial launch of ChatGPT Plus, I promptly subscribed, only to cancel it after a month. The reasons behind this choice were straightforward: at that time, the subscription primarily provided three fundamental benefits—ensuring availability during peak demand, enhancing response speed, and granting priority access to new functionalities.


I was initially hesitant to commit to a $20/month payment for those features. However, a few months down the line, ChatGPT Plus subscribers were granted access to plugins and GPT-4. This prompted me to reconsider and subscribe once again.

The introduction of plugins marked a transformative shift in how we interact with ChatGPT. With plugins like Video Insights and LinkReader, you gained the ability to tap into the internet. This enabled tasks like summarizing YouTube videos and entire articles, fundamentally altering the utility of ChatGPT.

However, there was a significant drawback: GPT-4 had a limitation of 25 messages every 3 hours. This restriction gave me pause as a Plus subscriber, especially considering that plugins were exclusively compatible with GPT-4.

Then, a positive turn of events occurred: the introduction of the ChatGPT Code Interpreter and an increase in the message cap to 50 messages.

The addition of the code interpreter was a game-changer, providing Plus users with the ability to upload and download files. This enhancement proved invaluable not only for programmers but also for regular users seeking to upload images for video creation, text extraction, and more.

Since that pivotal moment, I’ve remained a contented ChatGPT Plus subscriber. The subscription now encompasses all the features I had been seeking, making it a valuable investment for my needs.

WriteSonic-Best AI Writer For Creating

WriteSonic emerges as an all-encompassing AI-driven content creation tool, offering a comprehensive suite of products designed to cater to various creative needs. This versatile platform presents an array of features, including AI writing assistance, the creation of AI-generated art through Photosonic, and a ChatGPT-styled chat assistant named ChatSonic. Notably, WriteSonic distinguishes itself with its unique attributes, setting it apart as a noteworthy contender in the AI content creation landscape.

  • Premier AI Writing Tool: WriteSonic stands out as one of the premier AI writing tools, providing users with a powerful toolkit to enhance their written content through the prowess of artificial intelligence.
  • AI-Generated Art: The Photosonic feature opens the doors to the realm of AI-generated art, enabling users to craft visually captivating pieces infused with AI creativity.
  • ChatSonic – AI-Powered Chatbot: WriteSonic’s ChatSonic, driven by GPT-4, offers users access to live internet data, enriching chat interactions with real-time information and responsiveness.
  • Intuitive Content Creation UI: With an emphasis on user experience, WriteSonic presents an easy-to-navigate interface that streamlines content creation, ensuring a seamless and efficient creative process.

WriteSonic finds its niche among AI enthusiasts and content creators seeking a versatile solution for generating an array of AI outputs. Its ability to cater to diverse creative demands, from written content to AI art and dynamic chat interactions, positions it as a go-to tool for those looking to explore the multifaceted potential of artificial intelligence. The backing of Y Combinator further bolsters its credibility and innovation, signifying a commitment to continuous growth and advancement.

For users looking to delve into the realm of WriteSonic, the platform offers a generous free plan, allowing individuals to acquaint themselves with its capabilities. For those seeking expanded features, paid plans start at $19 per month, ensuring accessibility to an array of creative tools and functionalities. WriteSonic’s commitment to both innovation and accessibility makes it an appealing choice for AI enthusiasts and creative minds alike.

Quillbot: It’s a good tool for writers, but it’s not irreplaceable

I must confess that my quest for a tool akin to Quillbot has spanned a considerable duration.

Given my frequent engagement in online content creation, the necessity arose for a tool capable of effectively paraphrasing sentences extracted from diverse websites. Quillbot promptly emerged as a fitting solution, proficient not only in paraphrasing but also in augmenting the lexical richness of my text.

As a non-native English speaker, my propensity to rely excessively on a limited vocabulary became evident. Yet, with Quillbot’s intervention, I swiftly uncovered alternative words that seamlessly harmonized with my sentences. This negated the need to embark on a Google quest for synonyms or delve into the dictionary to ensure their congruence with my intended meaning.

Initially, I embraced my role as a content Quillbot subscriber wholeheartedly. However, it wasn’t long before I realized that my utilization of its premium features was less frequent than anticipated.

Quillbot’s paraphrasing prowess comprises a staggering nine modes. Remarkably, two of these modes remain accessible without the requirement of an account—standard and fluency. The remaining modes—formal, academic, simple, and others—were exclusively extended to those who had subscribed to the premium tier.

In essence, Quillbot commenced as my content savior, a tool that liberated me from the clutches of repetitive vocabulary and cumbersome synonym searches. Yet, as my reliance on its premium features dwindled, the paradigm shifted, prompting me to reconsider my subscription status.

Medium: Quillbot Modes

Among the premium modes that Quillbot offered, I found myself particularly drawn to the Shorten and Formal modes.

Initially, these modes exhibited a commendable performance, contributing to the refinement of my content. However, an epiphany materialized—an idea that eventually led me to replace Quillbot with ChatGPT.

Begin your journey with a complimentary free plan, or explore enhanced offerings with premium plans starting at just $19.95 per month.

Jasper: It’s better than ChatGPT for writing, but it’s too pricey for what it offers

As an individual engaged in online content creation, I initially believed that investing in Jasper would be a smart move. The prospect of harnessing OpenAI’s refined models to enhance writing performance seemed promising.

Nonetheless, my experience with Jasper left me underwhelmed.

Among Jasper’s standout features are its templates. These templates serve as invaluable aids, expediting the process of initiating various tasks such as crafting blog posts, Facebook ads, tweets, or LinkedIn posts.

Credit: Medium Jasper Templates

The issue I encountered with Jasper was that certain templates, at least the ones I used, didn’t meet my expectations.

For instance, the Twitter template was a letdown as it failed to generate the creative and engaging tweets I had hoped for. Instead, it produced run-of-the-mill tweets with unappealing hashtags. In essence, it delivered a performance that I could easily replicate using ChatGPT.

On the flip side, some templates showed promise. The blog post template, for instance, allowed me to infuse my style into Jasper by importing my articles. I appreciated the convenience of swiftly completing sentences or paragraphs with AI-generated content through a single click—the feature I found particularly useful. Additionally, the ability to customize the tone and style of the AI-generated text was a positive aspect.

However, I found that the text generated by Jasper wasn’t always conducive to my needs, especially considering that I primarily write tech-oriented articles. I believe that Jasper’s utility varies based on the niche one operates in; it might prove beneficial for certain niches but less so for others.

While I still hold the view that Jasper holds an edge over ChatGPT for writing tasks, I concluded that its offerings don’t justify the subscription cost of $49 per month, at least for the type of content I create.

Grammarly-Is an AI-Powered Grammar and Writing Assistant 

Credit: Grammarly

Grammarly stands as an AI-powered grammar and writing assistant, designed to aid users in refining their writing by pinpointing and rectifying grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style errors. In a landscape where content holds paramount importance, Grammarly emerges as a tool that transforms text into an error-free masterpiece, poised for the discerning eyes of crucial audiences.

  • Real-time Grammar and Spelling Checker: Grammarly’s prowess lies in its ability to instantly identify and rectify grammatical and spelling errors as you compose.
  • Style and Tone Suggestions: It provides insights and recommendations to elevate the style and tone of your writing, ensuring that it resonates effectively with the intended audience.
  • Plagiarism Detection: Grammarly incorporates a plagiarism detection feature, ensuring that your content is original and devoid of any unintentional similarities with existing content.
  • GrammarlyGO: A notable addition, this feature generates content that aligns seamlessly with your established writing style.

Grammarly caters to a diverse spectrum of users, including students, professionals, and writers, all seeking to refine their writing prowess and yield impeccably polished content. It also serves as an invaluable tool for businesses to bolster their communication efforts. Even if you opt for the free version, Grammarly provides a host of invaluable features that cater to the needs of all users.

The offerings include a free plan, which we highly recommend acquiring, and a range of paid plans starting at $12 per month. This pricing structure ensures that users can select a plan that aligns with their requirements and budget, unlocking a gamut of enhanced features and capabilities.

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