AGT Extreme Stunt Gone Wrong: Contestant Files Lawsuit After Being Paralyzed

AGT Extreme Stunt Gone Wrong: Contestant Files Lawsuit After Being Paralyzed

Goodwin is seeking a jury trial and more than $25,000 in damages

Oct.14 : Jonathan Goodwin, once known as Jonathan Harvey, has taken legal action against the entities responsible for America’s Got Talent: Extreme. The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles, names Fremantle, Syco Entertainment, Marathon Productions, Walk About Inc., T-Minus Productions, NBCUniversal, and others, alleging negligence and a particular risk related to an incident in 2021 that resulted in his paralysis. NBC has declined to comment on the ongoing legal proceedings.

The lawsuit, obtained by ET, reveals that Goodwin, a former participant in both Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent, was rehearsing for America’s Got Talent: Extreme when the tragic incident occurred.

On October 14, 2021, Mr. Harvey suffered catastrophic injuries during rehearsals for AGT: Extreme at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, Georgia,” as outlined in the documents. “He was crushed and burned by two exploding motor vehicles and experienced further harm when he fell approximately 20-40 feet, landing with extreme force on the ground.

The lawsuit lists several severe injuries Mr. Harvey sustained, including a dislocated spinal cord, which rendered him paraplegic, internal organ damage resulting in the loss of his left kidney, fractures in his legs, ribs, and shoulders, along with extensive third-degree burns. The catastrophic incident has left him with permanent physical, mental, and emotional trauma.

The legal action asserts that the defendants’ actions and inactions significantly deviated from what a reasonably careful individual or entity would have done. Among these actions and inactions, the lawsuit details failures to adhere to industry safety standards, such as inadequate stunt design and oversight, failure to test the stunt without a live person after modifications, and insufficient safety measures like redundancies and safety nets. These lapses in safety precautions contributed to Mr. Harvey’s life-changing injuries.

AGT Extreme Stunt Gone Wrong: Contestant Files Lawsuit After Being Paralyzed

The lawsuit further states, “Due to the conscious disregard for safety and the gross negligence exhibited by the Defendants, Mr. Harvey has suffered severe and permanent injuries.

Stuart Fraenkel, Jonathan Goodwin’s attorney, addressed the situation in a statement to NBC News, comparing it to previous safety concerns in the entertainment industry. He emphasized the need for safety over profits and ratings, asserting that simple safety measures could have prevented this tragedy. Fraenkel expressed concerns over rushed and chaotic production practices, highlighting a lack of expertise and experience among the staff.

Goodwin’s motivation for filing the lawsuit, as Fraenkel explained, is to draw attention to ongoing safety issues in the entertainment industry, aiming for lessons to be learned and changes to be made, ensuring the safety of future performers and participants. He is seeking a jury trial and more than $25,000 in damages.

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