Amazon Audible Layoffs: 5% Gone, But is More to Come?

Amazon Audible Layoffs: 5% Gone, But is More to Come?

Audible is implementing a workforce reduction, letting go of 5 percent of its staff, with the aim of positioning the company for “continued success” in an “increasingly challenging landscape,” according to an internal memo sent to employees on Thursday.

In the communication shared by an Audible spokesperson with The Hollywood Reporter, Audible CEO Bob Carrigan highlighted the company’s robust performance in 2023 and its current positive standing. However, Carrigan emphasized the need for the company to become “leaner and more efficient” moving forward.

While affirming that Audible is in good shape, the Amazon-owned company is taking proactive steps to adapt to the evolving business environment. Carrigan expressed the company’s commitment to supporting the departing colleagues in their pursuit of new opportunities.

These workforce changes come on the heels of Amazon’s recent announcement on Wednesday about significant job cuts within its Prime Video and Amazon MGM Studios division.

The full memo from Carrigan:


Today I have some difficult news to share with you. As we begin a new year, we’ve made the tough decision to reduce roles within our organization.

I want to acknowledge the strong year we had in 2023, in which we delivered amazing listening experiences for our customers thanks to outstanding collaboration with creators and partners. Our business is in good shape, and that is because of the hard work of each and every one of you. However, to position us for continued success in the coming year and into the future, given the increasingly challenging landscape we face, we have to take this difficult decision now. As a company driven by our People Principles and in particular Activate Caring, we did not take this route without considerable thought. But getting leaner and more efficient is the way we will need to operate now—and in the foreseeable future—in order to continue delivering best-in-class audio storytelling to our customers around the world.

A big part of what makes working at Audible so special is our many talented and dedicated employees who bring their passion to work each and every day. It’s also what makes it even harder to say goodbye to people we care about.

Approximately five percent of our workforce is impacted by this reduction. Those employees have already received a meeting invite for a conversation with their HR business partners and team leaders.

I recognize the impact this will have on those transitioning out of Audible as well as all of you who remain. Thanks to all who are leaving us for their valuable contributions. Please be assured we will be supporting our departing colleagues as they look for their next opportunity. This is a hard moment, and many of you understandably feel uncertainty about the future. I want you to know that we’re making these decisions to strengthen our business for the long term.

We are well positioned to continue our momentum and sustain the global growth that will keep us the leader in audio storytelling. I will be sharing more about the road ahead, and answering your questions, at January’s Global Allofus meeting.

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