Amazon Revs Up Sports Advertising Engine: Targeting NASCAR, NWSL & Beyond

Amazon Revs Up Sports Advertising Engine: Targeting NASCAR, NWSL & Beyond

In 2024, Amazon is gearing up for a massive year in advertising, particularly within its Prime Video division. This month, the tech giant plans to activate ads for hundreds of millions of Prime Video users, offering an option to remove them for an additional $3 per month. While the advertising industry eagerly anticipates the promotion of Prime Video’s entertainment content, Amazon’s sports programming has been a longstanding player in the ad business.

Danielle Carney, the leader of Amazon’s sports advertising business, emphasizes the unique capabilities Amazon possesses in combining global reach and premium content, such as live sports and Prime Video originals, with unparalleled performance and measurement capabilities. Notably, Amazon is focusing on expanding its sports advertising business, with a particular emphasis on interactive video ads and audience-based creative.

The recent success of NFL Thursday Night Football, witnessing a 24 percent rise in viewership compared to the previous season, has fueled Amazon’s commitment to sports advertising. Carney highlights the engagement statistics, with 50 percent of TNF advertisers being new to the game package and 20 percent being new to the NFL, maintaining a younger and more engaged audience compared to other NFL partners.

Amazon’s strategy includes incorporating more “interactive video ads” beyond the Fire TV platform, allowing viewers to shop with a simple click. Additionally, “audience-based creative” leveraging targeting data for precise marketing messages is a key focus. The success of these approaches was evident during the Black Friday game between the Dolphins and Jets, where interactivity saw a significant increase, especially with QR codes.

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Looking ahead, Amazon plans to expand its sports coverage to include live NASCAR races in 2025 and, in the current year, live National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) games, complementing its existing WNBA coverage. The company is keen on exploring innovative sponsorship deals, seeking to reimagine them with the same insights and parity as traditional ads.

Carney emphasizes the company’s commitment to female sports, particularly with NWSL, and expresses the desire to involve partners in shaping the future of sponsorships. The unique full-funnel approach, coupled with Amazon’s ability to drive from viewing to commerce, is generating excitement among advertisers, making Amazon a compelling single partner for comprehensive advertising strategies across sports, entertainment, and beyond.

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