Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Sequel

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Sequel

“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” is an upcoming American superhero film based on the DC character Aquaman. Produced by DC Studios, Atomic Monster, and The Safran Company, and set for distribution by Warner Bros. Pictures, it serves as the sequel to the 2018 film “Aquaman.” This movie marks the 15th and final installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). The film is helmed by director James Wan and features a screenplay by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, based on a story conceived by Wan, Johnson-McGoldrick, Thomas Pa’a Sibbett, and Jason Momoa. The cast includes Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry / Aquaman, alongside Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Nicole Kidman.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
Jason Momoa

Release Date

“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” is set to be released in the United States on December 20, 2023. Initially, it was scheduled for release on December 16, 2022, but the date was postponed to March 17, 2023, due to the impact of the epidemic on the workload of visual effects vendors. Subsequently, it was moved to December 25, 2023, as part of Warner Bros. Discovery’s strategy to manage marketing and distribution costs. Finally, the release date was advanced to December 20, 2023.



The cast of “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” includes:

  1. Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry / Aquaman: The half-Atlantean and half-human king of Atlantis, possessing the ability to swim at supersonic speeds and command aquatic life.
  2. Patrick Wilson as Orm Marius: Arthur’s Atlantean half-brother and the former king of Atlantis, who is imprisoned due to his crimes against Atlantis.
  3. Amber Heard as Mera: The Queen of Atlantis, Arthur’s wife, mother of Arthur Jr, and daughter of King Nereus. She possesses the power to control water.
  4. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as David Kane / Black Manta: A ruthless pirate and high-seas mercenary who seeks revenge against Arthur for the death of his father. He uses an Atlantean armored suit and wields the powerful Black Trident.
  5. Nicole Kidman as Atlanna: Arthur and Orm’s mother and the former queen of Atlantis.
Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
Amber Head:Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Additionally, reprising their roles from the first “Aquaman” film are:

  • Dolph Lundgren as Nereus: The king of Xebel and Mera’s father.
  • Randall Park as Dr. Stephen Shin: A marine biologist obsessed with finding Atlantis.
  • Temuera Morrison as Tom Curry: Arthur’s father, who works as a lighthouse keeper.

Other actors in the film include Vincent Regan as Atlan, the first king of Atlantis; Jani Zhao as Stingray; Indya Moore as Karshon; Ricardo Molina as Reporter ; Grant Huggair as a Surface dweller; Tianyi Kiy as US Navy; Judy Blackett as a Dignitary, and Pilou Asbæk in an undisclosed role.

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In the upcoming Aquaman sequel, the relentless vendetta of Black Manta against Aquaman intensifies. Despite a previous defeat, Black Manta remains driven by the need to avenge his father’s death and is now more powerful than ever, wielding the mythical Black Trident, which harbors an ancient and malevolent force. To combat this formidable adversary, Aquaman must make an unlikely alliance with his imprisoned brother, Orm, the former King of Atlantis. Together, they must put aside their differences to safeguard their kingdom, protect Aquaman’s family, and prevent irreversible destruction of the world.

Black Manta, having previously failed to defeat Aquaman, remains driven by a relentless desire for revenge following his father’s death. In the upcoming sequel, Black Manta has become even more formidable by harnessing the mythical Black Trident, a weapon that holds an ancient and malevolent power. To counter this formidable adversary, Aquaman will seek an unexpected alliance with his imprisoned brother Orm, the former King of Atlantis. Their common goal is to set aside their differences and unite in order to safeguard their kingdom, protect Aquaman’s family, and prevent the world from descending into irreversible destruction.

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