Arkansas Couple’s 84th Wedding Anniversary: Secrets to a Long and Happy Marriage

Arkansas Couple’s 84th Wedding Anniversary: Secrets to a Long and Happy Marriage

“Pray,” Arwilda Whiteside said Thursday afternoon. “Know how to get on your knees, and get you a bible because that bible is going to have to take you through all kinds of storms.”

Looking for love advice? Well, take it from Arwilda and her husband, Cleovis Whiteside, who just celebrated their remarkable 84th Wedding Anniversary. Arwilda, a sprightly 98-year-old, and Cleovis, a lively 102-year-old, tied the knot in July 1939, and their love story has been going strong ever since.

These two incredible souls, residents of White Hall, Arkansas, were recently honored by the nonprofit Arkansas Family Council. Why, you ask? Because they hold the title of the longest-married couple in the entire state!

It’s not just about their enduring love story, though. Arwilda and Cleovis are a shining example of how traditional marriages and stable families form the very foundation of a healthy society. This was emphasized by Charisse Dean, the governmental affairs liaison of the Arkansas Family Council, who spoke about the importance of strong relationships in our communities.

So, when you think about love, commitment, and lasting happiness, remember the heartwarming story of Arwilda and Cleovis Whiteside, celebrating their Arkansas Couple’s 84th Wedding Anniversary. It’s an inspiring testament to love’s enduring power that resonates with people of all ages.

Children that grow up in healthy, stable, two-parent households do so much better,” she told USA TODAY. “Married people do better financially, they’re healthier, they live longer, and their mental health is better … We think it’s important to highlight this traditional family value of marriage, just to show how important it is for our society.

What is the Arkansas Family Council?

The Arkansas Family Council, established in 1989, is a well-known conservative Christian organization. This dedicated group collaborates closely with local legislators and community members to uphold cherished values such as religious traditions, traditional marriage, the protection of children, and the sanctity of life.

One of the Arkansas Family Council’s noteworthy initiatives is the search for the state’s longest married couples. This heartwarming quest began in 2018 when they invited community members to submit information about couples who had celebrated at least 70 years of marriage. The intention behind this endeavor is to honor and celebrate enduring love stories that serve as inspiring examples to us all.

In the past, the esteemed title of the longest-married couple belonged to I.B. and Ima Jewel Williams. Their remarkable journey touched the hearts of many until they peacefully passed away. In their absence, Arwilda and Cleovis Whiteside stepped into the role of the nonprofit’s honorary couple, continuing the tradition of celebrating enduring love in Arkansas

How their love story began?

Arkansas Couple's 84th Wedding Anniversary

Cleovis and Arwilda’s extraordinary love story began in the most unexpected way. Cleovis was a young lad of 13, and Arwilda just a 9-year-old girl when their paths crossed ‘in the fork of a road,’ as Arwilda fondly recounted in a conversation with USA TODAY on a pleasant Thursday afternoon.

Accompanying Cleovis that day was his uncle Elmo, who faced the challenges of a mental disability. Uncle Elmo had a unique way of approaching young ladies and gently taking their hands. This memorable encounter marked the beginning of a lifelong journey filled with love, laughter, and countless cherished moments for Cleovis and Arwilda.

Their enduring love, which later led to their Arkansas Couple’s 84th Wedding Anniversary, proves that sometimes, the most beautiful love stories start in the most unexpected places.

In those early days, Cleovis, being the taller of the two, often found himself stepping in to gently encourage Uncle Elmo to release the hands of the young ladies he would approach.

One fateful day, as Arwilda strolled down the road, a dear friend offered her some sage advice – ‘Run to the taller boy, Cleovis. He’ll protect you.’ Following her friend’s counsel, Arwilda made a dash for Cleovis, feeling a sense of safety and warmth in his presence.

In that moment, as Arwilda found refuge in Cleovis’s embrace, he knew deep down that destiny had something special in store for them. Little did he know that this encounter would mark the beginning of a beautiful love story that would culminate in their cherished Arkansas Couple’s 84th Wedding Anniversary.

Later on, destiny continued to weave its threads of love between Cleovis and Arwilda. Cleovis spotted Arwilda again, this time at a delightful boxed supper event held at their church. It was a charming tradition where girls and women prepared boxed meals, and local boys and men had the opportunity to purchase these delectable dinners.

In a heartwarming gesture, Cleovis, who had been captivated by Arwilda’s presence, decided to buy her boxed supper for the modest sum of 40 cents. Little did he know that this simple act of kindness would become a cherished memory in their love story, leading them down the path toward their Arkansas Couple’s 84th Wedding Anniversary.

Their journey together didn’t stop there. Cleovis and Arwilda also shared their school days, attending a one-room schoolhouse. This unique setting brought together students of various ages, including sharecroppers who couldn’t attend school regularly due to their work in the fields.

On July 24, 1939, when Arwilda was just 13 and Cleovis 17, they sealed their love with a marriage ceremony, embarking on a lifelong adventure filled with love, companionship, and memories that would last a lifetime

Arkansas Couple’s 84th Wedding Anniversary, several meaningful lessons can be gleaned:

  1. True Love Knows No Bounds: Cleovis and Arwilda’s love story started at a young age, and it endured through the years. It teaches us that genuine love can develop and thrive regardless of age or circumstances.
  2. Simple Acts of Kindness Matter: Cleovis buying Arwilda’s boxed supper for 40 cents may have seemed like a small gesture at the time, but it played a significant role in bringing them together. It reminds us that simple acts of kindness can have a profound impact on people’s lives.
  3. Endurance and Commitment: Their marriage at a young age demonstrates commitment and endurance. It teaches us that lasting relationships require dedication, patience, and a willingness to grow together.
  4. Community and Tradition: The boxed supper event at the church and the one-room schoolhouse highlight the importance of community and tradition in their lives. It reminds us of the value of community events and the unique experiences that can be found in traditional settings.
  5. Love Is Timeless: Their love story, spanning over 84 years, shows that love is timeless. It’s a reminder that love can continue to flourish and deepen even as the years go by.
  6. Family Values: The Arkansas Family Council’s recognition of Cleovis and Arwilda’s enduring marriage underscores the importance of family values and the role strong relationships play in society.
  7. Inspiration: Overall, Cleovis and Arwilda’s story serves as an inspiration to all generations. It reminds us that love, commitment, and enduring partnerships are worth celebrating and cherishing.

In essence, the blog post about Cleovis and Arwilda’s journey offers valuable life lessons and inspiration for readers of all ages, emphasizing the enduring power of love and the significance of kindness and commitment in relationships.

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