Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis Apologize for Writing Letters in Support of Danny Masterson

Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis Apologize for Writing Letters in Support of Danny Masterson

In a brief video shared on social media, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis recently issued a heartfelt apology. This apology stems from their decision to write letters in support of their long-time friend, Danny Masterson, ahead of his sentencing in a Los Angeles rape case. Their intention was to shed light on the person they knew for over two decades, not to undermine the victims or cause any additional trauma.

Kutcher began by acknowledging the pain caused by the character letters written on behalf of Danny Masterson. He stressed that they’ve always supported victims throughout their careers and will continue to do so in the future. The situation began when Masterson’s family reached out to them a few months ago, requesting character references to help the judge understand the person they had known.

Ultimately, Masterson was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison after a jury convicted him on two counts of forcible rape. Kutcher and Kunis wanted to clarify that their letters were not meant to question the judicial system or the jury’s decision. Instead, they were meant solely for the judge’s consideration and were never intended to re-traumatize the victims.

Kunis chimed in to express their empathy for anyone who has ever been a victim of sexual assault, sexual abuse, or rape, underlining their heartfelt concern for these individuals.

This statement from the celebrity couple came after it was reported that they were among the 50 individuals who wrote letters to the judge seeking leniency for Danny Masterson. Their long-standing friendship with Masterson, whom they considered a role model with exceptional character, was a key factor in their decision to write these letters.

It’s worth noting that other actors from “That ’70s Show,” such as Debra Jo Rupp, Kurtwood Smith, Giovanni Ribisi, and William Baldwin, also submitted letters to the judge. Furthermore, Ashley Hinshaw, the wife of Topher Grace, who starred in the show, shared her support for rape victims on Instagram in the wake of Masterson’s sentencing.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ apology reflects their deep concern for the victims and their desire to clarify their intentions in writing these letters of support for their friend, Danny Masterson.

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