Australian Man Ordered to Pay Police After Faking Kidnapping to See Mistress

Australian Man Ordered to Pay Police After Faking Kidnapping to See Mistress

VBUSA : An Australian man who fabricated his own kidnapping to spend time with his mistress on New Year’s Eve has been directed to reimburse the police for the costs incurred during the search for him. Paul Iera appeared in Wollongong Local Court in New South Wales, where he was instructed to repay the state government approximately $10,000, covering the expenses of 200 hours of police work following his partner’s report of his disappearance.

The 35-year-old tradesman had initially claimed he was meeting his “financial guy” on December 31, when, in reality, he was meeting his mistress. In a moment of desperation, the two sent a text message to his partner to buy more time. However, the message backfired, generating concern and prompting a police investigation. The text message read, “Thank you for sending Paul to me, now payback is a * bye bye. We will keep him with us until the morning when he gives us his bike; we call it square,” as reported by 9 News.

His concerned partner reported the situation to the police just minutes before midnight, leading to a comprehensive investigation. Iera and his mistress were apprehended the following morning at a police roadblock. Even then, Iera continued to assert that he had been taken by a group of unidentified Middle Eastern individuals who subsequently released him.

However, 12 days later, he was arrested and charged with making a false accusation with the intent to subject another person to investigation. Iera was also sentenced to a three-year community correction order, avoiding jail time, although Magistrate Michael Ong deemed his actions “abhorrent,” according to 9 News.

Ong commented that the couple’s motivation was the least compelling he had ever encountered. Iera’s lawyer, Abbas Soukie, issued a statement on his behalf, expressing that his client was “pleased to have avoided” a jail sentence. The statement further noted that “since the commission of the offence, Mr. Iera has made tremendous rehabilitative progress, and today’s outcome reflects the court’s efforts to support his ongoing rehabilitation. Mr. Iera continues to enjoy the support of his family and partner and wishes to move forward with his life as a productive member of the community.”

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