Balenciaga Designer’s Personal Touch: Friends and Family on the Runway

Balenciaga Designer’s Personal Touch: Friends and Family on the Runway

--Balenciaga Designer Demna Gvasalia's Paris show showcased reconstructed styles, emphasizing unique trench coats, bomber jackets, and floral gowns.

--The runway cast included diverse individuals, from fashion critics to artists, highlighting Demna's unconventional approach to luxury fashion.

--The show's focus on craftsmanship, with Isabelle Huppert narrating the creation of tailored jackets, underscored Demna's appreciation for the intricate design process.

Oct.1:Balenciaga Designer Demna Gvasalia took a personal twist for the luxury label’s recent runway show in Paris on Sunday. He presented an array of revamped trench coats, oversized bomber jackets, and sweeping floral gowns, showcasing them on a diverse group of models from his inner circle.

To kick off the show, his mother graced the runway, striding down a lengthy stage adorned with rich, draped red velvet curtains. She donned pointed heels and a generously cut trench coat, a striking contrast of navy blue on one side and black on the other, elegantly cinched at the waist with a fabric belt.

Demna, often referred to as Demna, utilized the show’s soundtrack to draw attention to the craftsmanship behind the designs. Actress Isabelle Huppert read aloud instructions on crafting a tailored jacket. Demna explained his intent, stating, “It’s a complex job, and I wanted to showcase our appreciation for it, as well as its value.” The pace of Huppert’s voice during the show aimed to convey the intensity of the process rather than any anger.

In his pursuit of reimagining styles, Demna strived to create coats that appeared draped over the shoulders. He introduced additional sleeves that hung down and even crafted a clutch bag resembling a pointed-toe shoe. He emphasized, “I don’t believe in a perfect, polished, beige Angora world.” His approach is not about making people look wealthy, successful, or powerful.

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The runway featured an unconventional cast of models, including a fashion professor, artists, students, a public relations executive, a personal trainer, and Cathy Horyn, fashion critic for online fashion magazine The Cut, among others.

Closing the show was Demna’s husband, Loik Gomez, also known as BFRND, who wore a wedding dress. Adorned with a long, white lace veil over his head, the dress was a creative assemblage of seven dresses, meticulously cut, tiered, and reimagined, as described in the show notes.

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