Bobby Brazier Gets Driving Lessons from His Mum’s Big Brother Co-Star

Bobby Brazier Gets Driving Lessons from His Mum’s Big Brother Co-Star

Former Big Brother star, Alex Sibley, has revealed that he played a part in teaching Jade Goody’s son, Bobby Brazier, how to drive. Back in 2002, the third season of the popular reality series featured Jade and Alex as two of the 14 housemates, along with Alison Hammond and eventual winner Kate Lawler.

Fast forward over two decades, Alex shared his experience of giving Bobby, who is now 20, a driving lesson a few years ago. He mentioned, “I gave Jade’s son Bobby a driving lesson two or three years ago. He didn’t know who I was until I told him I was with his mother in the Big Brother house.”

Alex, who was a 23-year-old model during his time in the Big Brother house, explained that he was asked to take Bobby out for a drive by a friend named Paul, as Bobby’s dad, Jeff Brazier, wasn’t too keen on the idea. They went for a drive and had lunch in Loughton. As they spent time together, Bobby started to open up and ask questions. Alex revealed, “I told him that I was in Big Brother with his mum Jade. He asked me if I liked his mum, I said yes, but it seemed Bobby didn’t want to talk further about Big Brother.”

Alex also discussed Bobby’s feelings toward the reality TV world, mentioning that Bobby didn’t particularly enjoy having cameras follow him around as a young child. It appears he’s keen on moving past the Big Brother legacy.

Recently, Bobby spent some quality time with his dad, Jeff, his stepmom Kate Dwyer, and his younger brother Freddie, who is 19. They enjoyed an ice bath and sauna session at Croft Farm Escape in Hertfordshire. Jeff praised Bobby for his hard work and shared photos and clips from their outing.

Jeff, who gained fame from his appearance on Shipwrecked in 2001, shares his two boys with the late Jade Goody, who tragically passed away from cervical cancer at the young age of 27.

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