Break-up pizza: Goodbye Pies from Pizza Hut will end your relationship for you

Break-up pizza: Goodbye Pies from Pizza Hut will end your relationship for you

Looking for a way to gracefully end your relationship before Valentine’s Day? Pizza Hut might have just the solution.

Introducing Goodbye Pies, Pizza Hut’s latest Valentine’s Day offering, designed to help you avoid that awkward breakup conversation. Available in three U.S. cities, Goodbye Pies allow you to “ditch the drama and send a pizza instead.”

Starting this Tuesday, these special pies will be delivered in a custom box with space for you to sign your name. Inside, you’ll find the new “sweet yet spicy” Hot Honey pizza, a perfect blend of flavors to spice up your breakup.

Recent Buzz | Break-up pizza: Goodbye Pies from Pizza Hut will end your relationship for you

Lindsay Morgan, Pizza Hut’s chief marketing officer, expressed excitement about the launch, stating, “With Goodbye Pies, we’re bringing the perfect blend of sweet and heat to real life, delivering spicy news in the sweetest way for Valentine’s Day.”

However, act fast – Goodbye Pies will only be available at select Pizza Hut locations until Valentine’s Day, and the supply is limited.

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Ready to bid farewell to your soon-to-be ex? Here’s how to snag a chance to send a free Goodbye Pie their way.

In what cities will the Goodbye Pie be available?

Goodbye Pies will be up for grabs until Feb. 14 in three cities known for heartbreaks: New York, Chicago, and Miami.

Participating Pizza Hut locations:

  • 970 Columbus Avenue, New York
  • 2516 W North Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
  • 2101 NW 17th Avenue, Miami, Florida

According to a Pizza Hut spokesperson, each location will have just 11 Goodbye Pies available daily during the promotion.

How can I get a Goodbye Pie from Pizza Hut?

To seize a chance at sending a complimentary Goodbye Pie, head over to the Goodbye Pies website. Further guidelines, restrictions, and limits will be outlined on the site.

If you miss out on a free Goodbye Pie, you can utilize the website to have a breakup text drafted and a Pizza Hut gift card sent to your soon-to-be ex.

The gift card will allow them to enjoy a free Hot Honey pizza. Each day, only 55 gift cards will be up for grabs at participating Pizza Hut locations across the nation.

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