Brielle Biermann Reveals Why She Wants Her Parents to Stay Together

Brielle Biermann Reveals Why She Wants Her Parents to Stay Together

Amid the tumultuous divorce proceedings of Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kroy Biermann, their daughter Brielle Biermann still holds out hope for a potential reconciliation. In a video captured by the Daily Mail on October 13, Brielle responded with a resounding “Yes” when asked if she believed there was a chance for her mom, Kim (45), and Kroy (38), to rekindle their romance. The 26-year-old, returning to Los Angeles after a Mexican getaway with her mom, expressed her unwavering support, stating, “It’s Kim and Kroy to the end, and that’s that.”

The divorce saga initially unfolded when both Kim and Kroy filed for divorce in May after 11 years of marriage. While they briefly reconciled, Kroy filed for divorce once again a month later. The couple shares four children – Kroy “KJ” Jr. (12), Kash (11), and twins Kaia and Kane (9). Kroy also adopted Brielle and her sister Ariana (21) in 2013, who are Kim’s daughters from a previous marriage.

At the start of the divorce process, Brielle initially sided with her mother, even going so far as to unfollow Kroy on Instagram. However, an insider revealed that Brielle later chose to remain neutral after taking a step back to reevaluate things, realizing that she genuinely cares for her dad.

Notably, Brielle didn’t hold back when asked about Kim’s connection with Surreal Life costar Chet Hanks. She straightforwardly responded, “We don’t know him.”

Brielle Biermann Reveals Why She Wants Her Parents to Stay Together
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Recently, there have been rumors of Kim’s involvement with Chet, particularly during their filming for season 8 of a reality series together. Sources suggested that while they didn’t “hook up,” there was a clear attraction and flirting between them. Kim acknowledged Chet as a “nice guy” when questioned about their relationship but expressed her hesitation about returning to the dating scene.

It’s intriguing to note that Kim has also hinted at a potential reconciliation with Kroy. In a petition filed in September to dismiss the divorce, Kim argued that Kroy’s claim of an “irretrievably broken marriage” was unfounded due to their “resumed cohabitation.” She emphasized that they had engaged in marital sexual relations on multiple occasions since their initial separation.

In response, Kroy maintained that their sexual relationship should not impact the divorce. He expressed his unwavering desire to leave the marital residence with their children and provide them with a calm and stable environment. He also pointed out that Kim’s actions may be an attempt to delay the divorce, as she is reluctant to leave their shared Georgia home, which is set to be foreclosed in November.

Kroy has been committed to selling the house to secure financial stability for their children and argued that their current living situation is detrimental to the children’s well-being. He sought a court order to sell the property, emphasizing the necessity of moving the children out of their current challenging environment.

The unfolding complexities of Kim and Kroy Biermann’s divorce continue to captivate audiences, with Brielle’s hope for reconciliation adding a poignant element to the story.

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