Coperni Uses AI to Create Futuristic Fashion Pins At Paris Fashion Week

Coperni Uses AI to Create Futuristic Fashion Pins At Paris Fashion Week

In Paris on September 30, Coperni designers Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant hosted their fashion week show at a sprawling underground sound research center.

The collection featured sporty, ultra-modern styles adorned with tech devices, like the Humane Ai Pin attached to lapels. The show kicked off with a wall of loudspeakers, and models, including Naomi Campbell, showcased swift movement in loose suits, fitted dresses, bra tops, and jeans.

The designs prioritized lightness, with open-backed dresses, shorter trouser hems, and elongated shirt sleeves. The soundtrack complemented the show’s futuristic vibe, and sportswear pieces and Puma collaboration sneakers added to the contemporary flair.

Some models even carried Coperni’s Swipe bag CD player with headphones. Known for its innovative presentations, Coperni has made waves at Paris Fashion Week before, from spray-painting dresses on Bella Hadid to featuring robot dogs on the runway. Paris Fashion Week continues until October 3, highlighting renowned brands like Chanel, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton under the LVMH umbrella.

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