Derek Hough and Brooke Burke: Couples Therapy on DWTS? Here’s Why

Derek Hough and Brooke Burke: Couples Therapy on DWTS? Here’s Why

The journey to winning the coveted mirrorball trophy on Dancing With the Stars can be quite challenging, as proven by the season 7 champions, Derek Hough and Brooke Burke. Before they hit their stride on the dance floor, they faced their fair share of obstacles, including a trip to couples therapy.

Brooke, who is now 52, shared their story on the “Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans With Cheryl Burke” podcast, recalling how they struggled to connect. At the time, Derek was just 23 years old, and Brooke had a 3-month-old baby, along with the demands of training all day. Her lack of professional dance training had left her physically drained and hormonal.

Derek, despite his incredible talent, lacked the confidence of a seasoned winner, having never secured the mirrorball trophy. Additionally, their significant 14-year age gap made communication difficult.

Recognizing the need for a change, they decided to attend life coach therapy sessions to address their issues. Brooke was surprised that the session was never aired because she found it incredibly genuine and valuable.

During the therapy, they learned the importance of honesty in their relationship. The life coach encouraged them to be brutally honest with each other, especially in the mornings when they asked, “How are you?” This newfound honesty brought them closer.

The life coach also pointed out that they weren’t fully committed to winning the competition, which was a game-changer. They shifted their mindset and decided to give it their all. Despite their initial doubts, they both got deeply involved, and it paid off when they clinched the mirrorball trophy that season.

For Brooke, the experience was transformative, making her realize that she could achieve anything if she committed herself. Derek went on to win five more times before becoming a judge in 2020, while Brooke co-hosted DWTS from season 10 to season 17.

Their journey to victory on Dancing With the Stars serves as a reminder that sometimes, with honesty and commitment, you can achieve the seemingly impossible.

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