Did Valve Fall Victim to The Day Before Scam? Or Are They Playing 4D Chess?

Did Valve Fall Victim to The Day Before Scam? Or Are They Playing 4D Chess?

Just hours after the announcement that The Day Before, the much-anticipated zombie survival game, faced financial failure and the closure of developer Fntastic, the controversial game has been removed from sale on Steam. The Day Before, which hit Valve’s storefront just four days ago, has also disappeared from Fntastic’s YouTube channel, with CEO Eduard Gotovtsev deleting his X profile.

Fntastic and publisher Mytona continued to sell the game at $39.99 despite confirming that no further updates would be provided. The removal from Steam is not clear as of now. Polygon has reached out to Fntastic, Mytona, and Valve for clarification and will update this story upon their response. Polygon has also directly contacted Gotovtsev via email.

Before its removal, sales figures for The Day Before were reportedly disclosed by Gotovtsev on Telegram. These figures, shared by GameDiscoverCo founder Simon Carless on X, indicate that The Day Before had sold a minimum of 201,076 units on Steam. Alleged data from Gotovtsev also suggested that 91,694 purchasers sought refunds for The Day Before on Steam. Polygon has sought confirmation from Gotovtsev regarding the accuracy of these figures.

The Day Before made its debut on Steam on Dec. 7, entering the market as a massively multiplayer open-world survival game in early access. However, player reviews quickly criticized the game, stating that it fell short of the advertised scope. Currently, The Day Before on Steam has over 19,000 reviews with an “overwhelmingly negative” skew, with many users labeling Fntastic’s creation as a “scam.” The game rapidly earned a spot among the lowest-rated Steam games of all time.

Before its early access launch, The Day Before held the distinction of being the most wishlisted game on Steam, generating high anticipation based on an impressive reveal trailer from 2021.

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