Do Kwon on the Run? Terraform CEO Delays Trial to Dodge U.S. Justice

Do Kwon on the Run? Terraform CEO Delays Trial to Dodge U.S. Justice

The former head of Terra is currently detained in Montenegro after being apprehended at Podgorica’s airport with forged documents. Legal representatives for Do Kwon, Terra’s ex-CEO, have formally requested a U.S. court to postpone a securities fraud trial involving him and his former company. The aim is to allow Kwon to attend the trial in person, given his current incarceration in a Montenegro prison.

As per a filing noticed by Inner City Press, Kwon’s lawyers proposed a delay until mid-March, citing the extended process of obtaining permission from Montenegro authorities for his travel to the U.S. Judge Jed Rakoff from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York is expected to make a decision early next week, taking into account input from the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and Terraform Labs. Both entities are required to submit their stance on the request by January 15.

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Should the court reject the plea, the trial is scheduled to commence on January 29, 2024, even in Kwon’s absence. In such a scenario, the judge is likely to remind the jury that Kwon’s inability to testify shouldn’t be considered unduly prejudicial to him, per his legal team’s request.

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Kwon’s extradition has faced prolonged delays, with his counsel recently overturning a Montenegro high court’s decision to extradite him to the U.S. or South Korea. The Appeals Court in the country has ordered a retrial due to procedural concerns.

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