Dominant Display: Girls Basketball Team Crushes Opponents 95-0

Dominant Display: Girls Basketball Team Crushes Opponents 95-0

A snapshot of a basketball scoreboard displaying a score of 95-0 caused a stir on social media last Friday. The score marked the conclusion of a high school girls’ basketball game between Dutch Fork and Lamar. Despite the seemingly lopsided outcome, Coach Candace Bush of Dutch Fork High in Irmo, South Carolina, defended her team, attributing the situation to unforeseen circumstances.

Coach Bush, heading the girls’ team, explained, “I know it looks bad on the scoreboard, but it wasn’t my girls’ fault.” Prior to the game, Bush had recognized that Lamar was a smaller school and had requested her team to be placed in a different bracket for the She Got Next tournament organized by A1 Hoops Basketball. Unfortunately, her request went unanswered, leading to the game proceeding as scheduled at White Knoll High School in Lexington, South Carolina.

During the game, Bush noted that Lamar’s players attempted only five or six shots, with some instances of them literally handing the ball to her team. Reflecting on the game, Bush remarked, “If I had known it was going to be that bad, I would have brought my JV girls to play pretty much the entire game.

The game’s unfolding was described by Coach Bush as “out of control from the beginning.” In an attempt to curb the scoring, Dutch Fork switched to a zone defense in the second quarter. However, Lamar’s players pressed Dutch Fork, and the Silver Foxes continued to score, resulting in a staggering 95-0 score with about 2 1/2 minutes remaining.

Coach Bush disclosed, “So, of course, they see the scoreboard and they’re trying to push 100. I wouldn’t let them do it. I told them just to hold the ball at the top.” Ayonna Thompson-Bowen, the Director of A1 Hoops, the tournament organizer, was not immediately available for comment. Efforts to reach Lamar coach Randolph Scott proved unsuccessful.

In this unexpected turn of events, the focus remains on the unique circumstances that led to the extraordinary score, with Coach Bush expressing regret for the situation that unfolded on the court.

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