Europe Best Beach is Now Just Three Hours from the UK!

Europe Best Beach is Now Just Three Hours from the UK!

A beach that’s just a three-hour flight from the UK has been named one of the best in Europe.

Oct.11 : The Algarve in southern Portugal, typically known for its appeal to golfers and retirees, has just clinched the title of ‘Europe’s leading beach destination’ at the 2023 World Travel Awards. This accolade signifies a shift in its popularity as it’s rapidly becoming a hotspot for travelers of all ages.

What’s remarkable is that the Algarve has secured this award for the tenth consecutive time, making it the unparalleled champion in this category, with no other destination having achieved this feat.

Among the top shortlisted beach destinations were Cannes, France; Corfu, Greece; Costa Navarino, Greece; Mallorca, Spain; Marbella, Spain; Porto Santo Island, Madeira, and Sardinia, Italy.

The sunny Algarve is blessed with over 100 picturesque beaches and offers approximately 200 km of stunning coastline. Moreover, it boasts 88 Blue Flag beaches, signifying some of the cleanest and most pristine shores in Europe.

This means you can relish your beach days without the worry of encountering litter on the sand or murky waters. The Algarve’s diverse range of beaches caters to various preferences, from long sandy beaches protected by golden cliffs to small bays tucked between rocks and the calm waters of the east coast, perfect for families. Surfers can also find paradise on the west coast beaches of Amado, Bordeira, and Monte Clerigo, known for their scenic beauty and uncrowded waves. Furthermore, the region is dotted with famous beach resort towns like Albufeira, Lagos, and Vilamoura, each offering their unique charm and fantastic beaches.

For those looking for a coastline closer to home, Achmelvich in the Scottish Highlands was previously recognized as one of the world’s best beaches.

In May, the world’s top 50 beaches, curated by Banana Boat, were unveiled, and they include some of the most breathtaking shorelines across the globe. Lucky Bay in Australia secured the top spot, followed by Source D’Argent in the Seychelles, Hidden Beach in the Philippines, and Whitehaven Beach in Australia, among others. These destinations offer travelers a wide range of experiences, from tranquil seclusion to exotic beauty, making them the ultimate beach destinations to explore.

top 50 beaches in the world

  1. Lucky Bay, Australia
  2. Source D’Argent, the Seychelles
  3. Hidden Beach, the Philippines
  4. Whitehaven Beach, Australia
  5. One Foot Island, Cook Islands
  6. Trunk Bay, US Virgin Islands
  7. Honopu Beach, Hawaii
  8. Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland
  9. Navagio Beach, Greece
  10. Balandra Beach, Mexico
  11. Cala Goloritze, Italy
  12. Pipe Creek Sandbar, Bahamas
  13. Pink Beach, Indonesia
  14. Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos
  15. Gardner Bay, Ecuador
  16. McWay Beach, California
  17. Turquoise Bay, Australia
  18. Le Morne Beach, South Mauritius
  19. Baia Do Sancho, Brazil
  20. Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands
  21. Lanikai Beach, Hawaii
  22. Maya Bay, Thailand
  23. Calo Des Moro, Spain
  24. Kelingking Beach, Indonesia
  25. Meads Bay, Anguilla
  26. Flamenco beach, Puerto Rico
  27. Cayo Arena, Dominican Republic
  28. Little Hellfire Bay, Australia
  29. Anse Lazio, Seychelles
  30. Vaeroy Beach, Norway
  31. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda
  32. Myrtos Beach, Greece
  33. Hidden Beach, Mexico
  34. Grand Anse, Grenada
  35. Xpu Ha Beach, Mexico
  36. San Josef Bay, Canada
  37. Marita Beach, french Polynesia
  38. Capriccioli Beach, Italy
  39. Pasjaca Beach, Croatia
  40. Boulders Beach, South Africa
  41. Salines Beach, Martinique
  42. Champagne Beach, Vanuatu
  43. Praia Da Marinha, Portugal
  44. Balos Beach, Greece
  45. Achmelvich Beach, Scotland
  46. Kaputas, Turkey
  47. Radhanagar Beach, India
  48. Varadero beach, Cuba
  49. Piha Beach, New Zealand
  50. Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas
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