Everton Facing 12-Point Deduction for FFP Breaches? Here’s What You Need to Know

Everton Facing 12-Point Deduction for FFP Breaches? Here’s What You Need to Know

--  Everton faces a potential 12-point deduction for alleged financial fair play breaches.

--  The club's significant losses in recent years may lead to sanctions.

--  Everton is frustrated by the timing of the report, coinciding with the passing of Chairman Bill  Kenwright and ongoing takeover discussions.

Oct.27 : The Premier League has recommended a potential 12-point deduction for Everton if they are found guilty of breaching financial fair play rules. This recommendation follows the referral of Everton to an independent commission by the Premier League in March, after a review of the financial records of top-flight clubs for the 2021-22 season. While the specific details of the charge remain undisclosed, it is believed to be related to a tax issue linked to loans for Everton’s new stadium at Bramley-Moore dock. A verdict on this matter is expected later this year.

The Premier League’s profitability and sustainability rules allow clubs to incur a maximum loss of £105 million over a three-year period or face potential sanctions. Everton, however, had recorded losses of £371.8 million over the previous three years, with annual losses for five consecutive years, totaling more than £430 million during that period.

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In the event of guilt, Everton could face fines or a transfer embargo. The Daily Telegraph reports that the Premier League has recommended a deduction of up to 12 points. If this deduction were to be applied, Everton would find themselves at the bottom of the league with a deficit of five points, making it their third consecutive season battling to avoid relegation to the Championship.

Regarding this report, the Premier League issued a statement, saying, “We never comment on cases until they are finished, and it was a private hearing.” Everton has chosen not to comment on the ongoing hearing but has consistently maintained that they have not violated the relevant financial rules. In a statement made when the referral was confirmed, the club stated that it “strongly contests the allegation of non-compliance” and remains confident in its adherence to financial rules and regulations. They are fully prepared to defend their position before the commission, emphasizing their long-standing commitment to transparency and good faith in dealings with the Premier League.

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The club has been aware from the beginning of this case that various forms of punishment were possible. Nevertheless, Everton officials express frustration with the timing of this story, if accurate, as it coincides with the recent announcement of the passing of the club’s long-serving chairman, Bill Kenwright.

Simultaneously, Everton remains a subject of interest for a takeover bid by the American private investment firm 777 Partners. On the field, the team, led by manager Sean Dyche, has faced a challenging start to the season, with six losses in their first nine league games, including a recent 2-0 defeat by Liverpool at Anfield.

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