Explosion near Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City with multiple casualties and conflicting claims

Explosion near Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City with multiple casualties and conflicting claims

An explosion at a Gaza hospital leaves hundreds dead and injured:

  • An explosion occurred in a courtyard and parking lot adjacent to al-Ahli Hospital in a Gaza City suburb, resulting in the death and injury of hundreds of patients and people in the area.
  • The death toll is estimated to be close to 250, with hundreds more wounded.
  • The American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, which operates the medical center, reported that staff, patients, and refugees sheltering at Ahli Arab Hospital were killed and wounded.
  • Palestinians seeking refuge from Israeli bombardment have been taking shelter in and around hospitals in Gaza.
  • The U.S. intelligence assessments indicate that Israel was not responsible for the explosion.
  • The Israeli military denies involvement and claims that the explosion resulted from a misfired missile launched by Islamic Jihad, a militant group cooperating with Hamas.
Explosion near Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City

Statements from different parties:

  • President Joe Biden expressed outrage and sadness over the loss of life but stated that U.S. intelligence indicates that Israel was not behind the explosion.
  • Hamas blamed Israel for the explosion, while the Israeli military denies involvement.
  • The Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations criticized the Israeli narrative and accused them of targeting hospitals.
  • The possibility of conducting an independent investigation to determine responsibility is being considered.

Challenges in conducting an independent investigation:

  • The time sensitivity of conducting an accurate investigation poses challenges.
  • The composition of an investigative team that would be acceptable to both Israel and Hamas without causing political tensions is a concern.
  • Options for conducting an independent investigation include the International Criminal Court, the UN-affiliated Commission of Inquiry, the International Commission of Jurists, and the Commission for International Justice and Accountability.
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