Exposing Britain’s Toughest Prisons: A Candid Account by Old School Prison Officer John Sutton

Exposing Britain’s Toughest Prisons: A Candid Account by Old School Prison Officer John Sutton

Join us as we delve into the intense world of Britain’s toughest prisons through the eyes of Old School Prison Officer John Sutton. From confronting violent inmates to exposing corruption, Sutton’s incredible journey is one you won’t want to miss. Get ready for an eye-opening and thought-provoking exploration of the inner workings of the prison system.

The Early Years: A Dream and a Detested Assignment

John Sutton’s career path took an unexpected turn when he joined the Army after being unable to join the police due to his colorblindness. However, his childhood dream of following in his father’s footsteps as a law enforcement officer never faded. We’ll explore how his early experiences in school, including a notable encounter with a future screenwriter, shaped his journey to becoming a prison officer.

Navigating the Shadows: Struggles and Determination

Join us as Sutton recounts his relentless pursuit of his passion for writing amidst numerous obstacles. From torn-up manuscripts to grueling work shifts in the mills, Sutton’s determination shines through. Discover how his unwavering spirit led him to a career as a prison officer and ultimately to this compelling story.

Behind the Bars: Confronting Violence and Corruption

Step into the gritty reality of a prison officer’s daily life as Sutton shares his encounters with violent inmates and corrupt governors. Hear about his brave actions to expose illegal activities, including the shocking revelation of a governor smuggling mail and engaging in prohibited relationships with inmates. Brace yourself for the dark underbelly of the prison world.

Championing Change: Fighting for Prison Staff Welfare

Discover Sutton’s tenacious efforts to improve housing conditions for prison staff. Learn how he organized a petition, confronted the prison governor, and became a thorn in the side of the prison system. Sutton’s unwavering dedication to his colleagues is a testament to the lengths he would go to protect those who serve in a challenging environment.

Inside the Walls: Tales of Overcrowding and Inhumane Conditions

Get a firsthand account of the unsanitary and overcrowded prisons of the 70s. Sutton paints a vivid picture of an environment where inmates were crammed into cells with no internal sanitation. From the Cambridge rapist to same-sex relationships, we’ll delve into the complexities and realities of life behind bars.

Facing Danger: Confronting IRA Members and High-Profile Criminals

Explore Sutton’s encounters with dangerous inmates, including members of the IRA and high-profile criminals like Ronnie Biggs. Listen as he shares the challenges and risks he faced, from sitting next to politically motivated inmates to personal losses during Northern Ireland’s troubled times. Sutton’s courage and resilience are truly remarkable.

Violence Beyond the Bars: Battling Adversity in Personal Life

Uncover the harrowing experiences Sutton faced outside the prison walls, from assaults to life-threatening situations in pubs. Hear how he defended himself against multiple attackers and the subsequent legal implications he faced. Sutton’s personal struggles highlight the toll that a career in the prison system can take on an individual.

Corruption and Psychopathy: A Disturbing Glimpse into the System

Peek behind the curtain as Sutton exposes corruption within the prison system and the recruitment of potentially dangerous individuals. Learn about his encounters with convicted criminals and the shocking revelations of abuse and bribery attempts. It’s a chilling reminder of how power and authority can be misused.

From Prisons to Psychics: A Journey of Transformation

Follow Sutton’s journey from skepticism to collaboration with psychics. Discover how his spiritual experiences opened up a new chapter in his life, leading him to work with renowned figures in the field. We’ll explore the impact of these encounters and how they shaped his perspective on life and the world around us.

A Man of Many Roles: Media Success and More

Delve into Sutton’s transition from a prison officer to a successful media career. From producing TV shows to working with renowned psychics, Sutton’s versatility shines through. We’ll uncover some of the fascinating projects he undertook and the challenges he faced along the way.

Lessons Learned: Reflections and Takeaways

As we reach the end of Sutton’s incredible journey, we’ll reflect on the lessons learned and the impact of his experiences. Sutton’s story is a testament to resilience, determination, and the pursuit of justice. We’ll leave you with a profound understanding of the prison system and the need for reform.


John Sutton’s story is a captivating rollercoaster ride through the often harsh and hidden realities of Britain’s toughest prisons. His bravery, integrity, and unwavering commitment to justice shine through every chapter. From violent encounters to exposing corruption, Sutton’s experiences offer invaluable insights into a world few truly understand. We thank John for sharing his story and wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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