From Bench to Bestseller: Apple Watch Wins Court Battle, Shop Now

From Bench to Bestseller: Apple Watch Wins Court Battle, Shop Now

Two premium editions of the Apple Watch are poised to make a comeback after a federal court temporarily lifted the sales restriction imposed by the International Trade Commission (ITC) due to a patent dispute. In October, the ITC, a federal agency, ordered a sales halt to prevent Apple from utilizing specific technologies integral to the blood-oxygen measurement system in its Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches. This move was a response to an ongoing intellectual property clash between Apple and the medical technology company Masimo.

Complying with the ITC ruling, Apple ceased online sales of the affected watches in the U.S. just days before Christmas. However, a recent decision by the federal court allows the resumption of sales for these two Apple Watch models while the court deliberates on Apple’s appeal.

According to Apple, the two watch models will be back on sale at its online store by noon Pacific Time on Thursday and will gradually return to some Apple stores on Wednesday, with wider availability expected by Saturday.

This marks not the first, but another patent obstacle for the Apple Watch as it evolves into a health-management device. In a previous case, the ITC found Apple guilty of infringing on the wearable EKG technology of AliveCor. Despite the Biden administration choosing not to overturn this decision, it has not directly impacted Apple Watch sales because another regulatory body ruled that AliveCor’s technology is not patentable. The legal dispute on this matter is still ongoing.

Considering the recurrent patent challenges, there is a growing likelihood that Apple may need to explore licensing agreements or consider acquiring startups specialized in medical technology, as suggested by Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives.

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