From Dragon to World: Nissan China-Born EVs Conquer Global Roads

From Dragon to World: Nissan China-Born EVs Conquer Global Roads

Nissan Motor is set to introduce China-developed electric vehicles (EVs) to the global market following a strategic partnership with a top Chinese university. The Japanese automaker is contemplating exporting its existing internal combustion engine vehicles, as well as upcoming pure electric and plug-in hybrid cars, manufactured and developed in China to overseas markets. Masashi Matsuyama, Vice President of Nissan Motor and President of Nissan China, stated that the company is eyeing the same markets as Chinese rivals like BYD. Nissan’s move aligns with the trend of foreign brands, including Tesla, BMW, and Ford, expanding exports of China-made cars to capitalize on lower manufacturing costs.

A Nissan Motor plant in Kaminokawa, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan on December 8, 2023 | Source:Akio Kon/Bloomberg/Getty Images

China currently represents just over a fifth of Nissan’s global sales, marking a decline from over a third during the same period last year. Facing sales challenges in China due to the popularity of domestic brands and fierce price competition amid the rapid shift to EVs, Nissan aims to leverage its collaboration with Tsinghua University. The joint research center, scheduled to launch next year, will focus on EV research and development, encompassing charging infrastructure and battery recycling. This initiative extends Nissan’s existing joint research efforts with Tsinghua since 2016, emphasizing intelligent mobility and autonomous driving technology. The collaboration seeks to deepen Nissan’s understanding of the Chinese market and develop customer-centric strategies.

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