Sydney’s Good Intent: The K-Pop Career Booster for Emerging Artists

Sydney’s Good Intent: The K-Pop Career Booster for Emerging Artists

Sydney agency Good Intent is boosting its ‘Greater Good‘ independent artist initiative, nearly tripling the prize fund to a staggering $25,000. Here’s what’s included in this comprehensive package:


    1. Cash Grant: You’ll receive $4,000 in cash to invest in your music career.

    1. Professional Services: Access a range of services from top music professionals, including pro-bono artist management consultation, publicity, radio plugging, DSP (Digital Service Provider) servicing, and digital marketing support from Good Intent itself.

    1. Visual Assets: Benefit from an in-house photoshoot and visual asset creation provided by their sister company, Good Loco.

    1. Vinyl Package: You’ll receive a vinyl package from Zenith Records.

    1. Legal Consultation: Access legal consultation services from Media Arts Lawyers.

    1. Accounting Consultation: Get guidance on accounting matters from White Sky.

Sydney's Good Intent



This initiative offers independent artists a significant boost to their career prospects and resources to help them excel in the music industry.

Chief Operating Officer Rick Bridgman expressed the agency’s commitment to supporting Australian music:

“This all started with our passion for championing Australian music that we love, and we’re fortunate to be in a position to be able to give back to our community, connect dots, and provide advice for artists on their journeys.”

“It’s challenging to catch a break in today’s climate, so we’re truly stoked with this year’s offering and linking up on a bigger pack with our partners.”

Sydney punk star PENI PARKER, last year’s Greater Good initiative recipient, shared how winning the award transformed her EP campaign:

Good Intent supported me with the first single ‘Disrupt,’ giving me some great advice, a huge insight into digital marketing, and really started me off with some big wins with playlisting, radio play, some fun interviews, and even rotation on triple j Unearthed,” she reflected.

“It really was a total package though; a dream to work with Billy Zammit, who helped bring to life my visual concepts. Ben helped rework my logo, and a huge shoutout to Make Merchandise too, always love working with that team. Every single element of the prize was so helpful to my year and allowed me to work with creatives that I normally wouldn’t have the budget for as a fresh artist.”

The Greater Good Initiative is designed to provide emerging Australian artists with a launchpad for their careers. It’s open to all independent Australian artists, and applications are currently open until Thursday, 28th September at 5 PM AEST. More information and the application process can be found on their website.

Good Intent, launched in late-2018, offers various artist services and manages artists like Bootleg Rascal, FANGZ, Close Counters, and more.


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