Hamas Rockets Rain on Southern Israel, Causing Death and Destruction 

Hamas Rockets Rain on Southern Israel, Causing Death and Destruction 

Oct.13 : Amid a relentless wave of violence, the world witnessed an unprecedented assault on southern Israel by Hamas. On the early morning of October 7, hundreds of Hamas fighters infiltrated southern Israel from the Gaza Strip using a variety of means, including motorbikes, paragliders, and four-wheel drives. This sudden and daring attack left a trail of death, destruction, and despair in its wake, affecting nearby towns and villages.

The assault shocked the small Israeli communities, disrupting their peaceful daily life. Innocent residents found themselves in the crossfire, some losing their lives while others were taken captive. Many had to seek refuge in safe rooms, waiting anxiously for the Israeli soldiers to come to their rescue.

For days, fierce gun battles raged as Israeli forces fought to regain control of the affected areas. The aftermath was nothing short of traumatic, with survivors discovering the bodies of their loved ones, neighbors, and even Hamas fighters scattered across the roads, gardens, and fields.

In response to this attack, Israel imposed a strict blockade on Gaza, a region inhabited by 2.3 million people. They also launched a powerful bombing campaign, marking a devastating chapter in the 75-year-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This campaign resulted in the destruction of entire neighborhoods and the tragic loss of over 1,400 Palestinian lives, according to Gazan authorities.

Amidst the chaos, misinformation and disinformation have clouded the true events that unfolded in Israel. In this time of uncertainty, properly verified video footage has played a crucial role in establishing what really happened on the ground.


One of the towns hit early in the attack was Be’eri, an agricultural kibbutz near Gaza. Video footage showed Hamas gunmen taking Be’eri residents hostage and, tragically, later discovering their lifeless bodies. CCTV footage captured the horrifying moment when gunmen fired at the occupants of a car trying to pass through a security gate.

Israeli paramedic Hami Atias, who responded to the scene, described the overwhelming sense of despair and tragedy he encountered. It was reported that the militants killed approximately 100 people in Be’eri, and Israeli forces retaliated by neutralizing up to 100 Hamas gunmen. The militants showed no mercy, targeting indiscriminately and even kidnapping children and the elderly.


In the town of Sderot, located near the Gaza Strip, gunmen indiscriminately fired at cars, leaving a trail of casualties. One resident described a nightmarish scene with multiple bodies and bullet-ridden vehicles strewn across the town. In a chilling act, Hamas fighters commandeered a police station and opened fire on elderly residents waiting at a bus stop.


The small community of Reim, hosting an all-night music festival near Gaza’s border, was one of the initial targets. Palestinian gunmen descended upon the festival via paragliders and amidst massive rocket barrages. The ensuing chaos resulted in a gruesome scene with hundreds of casualties. Some were taken captive, while others desperately tried to hide among the chaos.

Kfar Aza

A picturesque kibbutz close to the Gaza Strip, bore the brunt of the Hamas assault. Israeli Defense Forces, amidst the stench of death, provided a harrowing account of what had transpired. The scene was one of devastation, with bodies of Israeli residents and Hamas fighters among the ruins. Survivors emerged from their safe rooms to a nightmarish landscape of burned-out houses, scattered furniture, and torched cars.


A coastal city north of Gaza, the residents awoke to air raid sirens and the sound of rockets raining down. The Iron Dome system intercepted some of the rockets, but others struck Ashkelon, setting buildings and cars ablaze and destroying homes. The rocket barrages continued, even targeting an Israeli hospital in Ashkelon.

This unprecedented attack has left a lasting impact on the affected communities, with a heavy toll on both sides. The world watches as the region grapples with the aftermath of this tragic and devastating conflict.

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