Harry Maguire: From Outcast to Key Player at Manchester United

Harry Maguire: From Outcast to Key Player at Manchester United

Harry Maguire, whose Man Utd career seemed in jeopardy just a few months ago, has made a remarkable resurgence at Old Trafford with three notable performances this month. His adaptability has been the key to survival.

Oct.25 : It all started with a last-minute match-winning assist against Brentford, followed by a player-of-the-match showing at Sheffield United. Most recently, he netted a crucial goal in the Champions League against FC Copenhagen, leading United to a 1-0 victory. The fans are once again chanting his name.

These moments hold immense significance for a player who was stripped of the club captaincy and faced uncertainty about his future under head coach Erik ten Hag. For a significant portion of Ten Hag’s tenure, Maguire was marginalized, made to understand that he was low in the pecking order and didn’t possess the qualities sought in a defender. However, a shift in Maguire’s playing style has clearly impressed the Dutchman, who now states that the English center-back is playing precisely as desired.

A series of injuries provided Maguire with an opportunity, which he seized by demonstrating his ability to meet the demands placed on him.

Harry Maguire stats

Ten Hag remarked, “He’s playing much more proactively in possession, stepping in, passing vertically. He’s defending on the front foot, defending forward, very confident in the duels.” He also emphasized Maguire’s aggression against opponents, which he believes is effective. Notably, his heading abilities have been crucial as well.

In terms of passing, Maguire is now completing almost twice as many passes into the final third compared to the previous season. His successful long passes have nearly doubled as well. An intriguing statistic is that, in the Premier League, he is bypassing at least four defenders with nearly seven passes on average per game this season. It’s evident that Maguire seeks to break lines and ignite attacks when he has possession.

This proactive approach extends to his defensive game. Ten Hag described him as ‘dominating’ his opponents, and this season, his duel success rate has increased by more than 10 percent. He has won 13 out of 17 aerial duels in both the Premier League and the Champions League.

In Maguire’s last 17 starts, United has secured victory in 16 matches. While some critics may question the quality of the opposition, it’s undeniable that Maguire is now having a notably positive impact.

While his contributions in the opponent’s box make headlines, the substance of his overall performances may play a crucial role in shifting Ten Hag’s long-term perspective on him.

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