How to Live to 100: A Doctor’s Guide to a Long and Healthy Life

How to Live to 100: A Doctor’s Guide to a Long and Healthy Life

A 100-year-old doctor shares her secrets to how to Live to 100 and happy life. From diet and exercise to attitude and outlook, learn what he has to say:

Dr. Howard Tucker, a remarkable centenarian who holds the title of the world’s oldest practicing doctor at 101 years old, has been a source of inspiration and wisdom for those around him. When his grandson sought life advice on how to lead a long and happy life, Dr. Tucker readily shared his insights. His grandson then decided to share these valuable lessons with Business Insider, shedding light on the wisdom of this extraordinary individual.

At 101, Dr. Howard Tucker, world’s oldest practicing doctor, Guinness-record holder, Dr. Tucker’s wisdom shines

Dr. Tucker’s ability to light up the lives of those around him with his pearls of wisdom underscores the significance of life experience in offering meaningful guidance. His longevity and vibrant spirit have captured the attention of his grandson, who is even working on a documentary project to showcase Dr. Tucker’s journey and wisdom. The Kickstarter fundraiser initiated by his grandson is aimed at gathering support and financing for this documentary, allowing Dr. Tucker’s exceptional story to inspire and uplift a broader audience.

Dr. Howard Tucker’s accomplishments, positive outlook on life, and his willingness to share valuable life lessons serve as a testament to the importance of learning from the wisdom and experience of our elders.

Austin Tucker has passed along three invaluable pieces of advice from his grandfather, aimed at enriching life with greater happiness. The first nugget of wisdom is centered around the principle of “Keep learning and don’t give up.” Even in the present day, Austin’s grandfather displays an unquenchable curiosity for the latest advancements in technology and maintains a keen openness to embracing novel experiences. His receptivity to diverse ideas stands as a testament to his commitment to exploring every opportunity that arises. Austin shares, “If he’s gonna do something, he’s gonna go a hundred percent.”

The second tip is all about letting go of hate. According to Austin, his grandpa firmly believes that holding onto hate hurts you inside and out. Interestingly, it doesn’t do any harm to the person you might have a grudge against. Instead, he suggests building positive relationships with others. And speaking of relationships, his grandpa gives a big shoutout to his 66-year-long happy marriage as a big reason for his positive outlook on life.

Lastly, Dr. Howard Tucker has a piece of advice that’s all about balance. He encourages folks to do everything in moderation. He advises staying in control and not going overboard with anything. This applies to all areas of life, whether it’s eating fast food or hitting the gym. “No fad diets, no special workout routines, it’s just everything in moderation. If you’re in the mood for a steak dinner, don’t make it a daily habit,” Austin Tucker explains his grandpa’s simple yet wise approach.

Howard Tucker believes that embracing these three straightforward suggestions can pave the way for a healthier and happier life. In his personal routine, he takes on two to three miles on a treadmill each day, coupled with a balanced diet. And every now and then, he treats himself to a martini and a scoop of ice cream as well.

Even at the remarkable age of 101, Dr. Howard Tucker remains committed to seizing each moment with zest. His enthusiasm for an active lifestyle persists, and he proudly claims the title of the oldest practicing doctor. Notably, he’s embarked on a fresh teaching venture at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, as per his interview with Insider.

For Austin Tucker, his grandson, admiration for his grandfather’s approach to life has always been immense, particularly when it comes to his thirst for learning and embracing novel experiences. This respect multiplied when he witnessed his grandpa’s unwavering dedication during the pandemic, as he stepped forward to care for those battling Covid. Despite their concerns, the entire family convinced him to return, but their astonishment grew as they witnessed his unshakable dedication to aiding fellow humans, even at his advanced age.

Austin maintains a close bond with his grandfather, engaging in daily conversations with him. His admiration for his grandpa has been a constant since childhood, and this deep-seated inspiration has germinated into a remarkable concept: a documentary. Austin’s aspiration is clear—he aims to create a film that radiates positivity and motivation, specifically directed towards valuing and supporting our senior citizens. He recognizes that seniors are sometimes overlooked, despite their immense potential, and he ardently hopes that this documentary will kindle a renewed appreciation for their contributions. “We hope that this movie will uplift and inspire people to invest in our seniors who sometimes are overlooked, but still have so much to contribute” he expressed to the media outlet.

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