Human Rights Watch Accuses Israel of Using White Phosphorus in Gaza, Lebanon

Human Rights Watch Accuses Israel of Using White Phosphorus in Gaza, Lebanon

  1. Human Rights Watch has accused Israel of using white phosphorus munitions in its military operations in Gaza and Lebanon, raising concerns about civilian safety and long-term injuries.
  2. Israel’s military denies awareness of white phosphorus use in Gaza but offers no comment on the allegations regarding Lebanon.
  3. White phosphorus munitions, while not banned as a chemical weapon, can cause severe burns and fires, prompting concerns about their use in military conflicts. Israel has phased out some white phosphorus munitions in the past.

Oct.13 : Human Rights Watch has raised concerns, accusing Israel of deploying white phosphorus munitions in its military operations in Gaza and Lebanon. This usage, according to the rights watchdog, places civilians at risk of severe and long-term injuries.

Israel’s military responded by stating that it was unaware of the use of white phosphorus-containing weapons in Gaza but did not offer any comments regarding the allegations related to Lebanon.

The backdrop for these accusations is the ongoing conflict, with Israel retaliating against a series of attacks by Hamas in southern Israeli towns that resulted in the loss of numerous lives. Additionally, Israel has been engaged in tense exchanges with Lebanon’s Hezbollah group.

Human Rights Watch claims to have verified videos taken in Lebanon and Gaza on specific dates, depicting the deployment of white phosphorus munitions. These videos showed artillery-fired white phosphorus airbursts, which appeared to serve as smokescreens, markers, or signals.

While the group did not provide direct links to videos illustrating the alleged use in Gaza, Palestinian TV channels have broadcast footage showing thin plumes of white smoke in the sky over Gaza, attributing it to such munitions.

It’s worth noting that Israel announced in 2013 that it was phasing out white phosphorus smokescreen munitions, previously used during its 2008-2009 Gaza offensive, which had prompted war crimes allegations. However, there was no confirmation whether weaponized white phosphorus was also being phased out.

White phosphorus munitions serve various military purposes, such as creating smoke screens, providing illumination, marking targets, or incinerating enemy positions. While not classified as a chemical weapon under international conventions due to its legitimate uses, white phosphorus can result in severe burns and fires.

Protocol III of the Convention on the Prohibition of Use of Certain Conventional Weapons categorizes white phosphorus as an incendiary weapon. The protocol prohibits its use against military targets situated among civilian populations. It’s important to note that Israel has not signed this protocol and is not bound by its provisions.

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