Indonesia Volcano Eruption Claims 11 Lives in Harrowing Climbing Expedition

Indonesia Volcano Eruption Claims 11 Lives in Harrowing Climbing Expedition

In Indonesia, a tragic event unfolded on Monday as eleven climbers lost their lives in the aftermath of the Marapi volcano eruption in West Sumatra. The search for 12 missing climbers was temporarily halted over safety concerns, bringing a somber pause to the rescue efforts.

Jodi Haryawan, the spokesperson for the search and rescue team, reported the discovery of three survivors and the retrieval of 11 bodies among the 75 climbers present during Sunday’s eruption. The 2,891-meter high Marapi volcano unleashed ash up to 3 km into the sky, prompting authorities to elevate the alert level and impose a 3 km exclusion zone around the crater.

Video footage captured the immense cloud of volcanic ash blanketing the sky, with ash-covered cars and roads bearing witness to the eruption’s impact. The search faced a setback on Monday due to a small eruption, leading to its suspension for safety reasons.

Jodi emphasized the danger, stating, “It’s too dangerous if we continue searching now.” Evacuation efforts earlier on Monday removed 49 climbers from the area, with many receiving treatment for burns incurred during the eruption.

Marapi, among Sumatra’s most active volcanoes, experienced its deadliest eruption in April 1979, claiming 60 lives. This recent eruption follows activity earlier in the year, with ash reaching heights between 75 meters and 1,000 meters from the peak.

Situated on the Pacific’s “Ring of Fire,” Indonesia is home to 127 active volcanoes, as reported by the volcanology agency. The tragic events at Marapi serve as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of volcanic activity in this region.

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