Japan PM Kishida Cabinet Faces Mounting Pressure Amidst Low Public Support

Japan PM Kishida Cabinet Faces Mounting Pressure Amidst Low Public Support

Oct .16 : According to an opinion poll conducted by Kyodo News, support for the cabinet of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has plummeted to 32.3%. This marks the lowest level since the cabinet was formed in 2021, indicating a significant decline of 7.5 points compared to the previous month’s poll and a worse rating than the end of the previous year, which stood at 33.1%.

In this telephone survey conducted over the weekend, a substantial 58.6% of respondents expressed skepticism about the potential benefits of an economic package the government intends to assemble by the end of the month. Furthermore, 63.2% of those surveyed emphasized the necessity of an income tax reduction to help them combat rising inflation. These sentiments reflect the current challenges facing the Kishida administration as it grapples with public perception and economic concerns. Japan PM Kishida’s leadership will be tested in the face of these critical issues.

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