Jay-Z Daughter Blue Ivy Used to Question His Icon Status – Shocking Reason Why!

Jay-Z Daughter Blue Ivy Used to Question His Icon Status – Shocking Reason Why!

Jay-Z, the undeniable music, business, and cultural icon, recently sat down with CBS Mornings’ anchor, Gayle King, for a multi-part interview. During this captivating discussion, Jay-Z shared insights into his journey to superstardom while he and King explored the Brooklyn Public Library’s Book of Hov Exhibit. The interview touched on his upbringing in Brooklyn, his rise to fame, and his life as a father of three, a husband to Beyoncé, and an icon in the music industry.

Speaking of his children, the 53-year-old rapper disclosed that his 11-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, has finally started to see him as a “cool dad.” She’s even seeking his fashion advice, which is a significant milestone for any parent. Blue Ivy is the eldest of Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s children, followed by their 6-year-old twins, Rumi and Sir.

Jay-Z humorously shared, “She used to be frontin’ on me a little bit,” when asked if any of his kids thought he was cool. “But [now] I catch her. I catch her in the corner, you know? Now she asks me, you know, if this is cool, if her sneakers [are cool].

Gayle King, seeking clarification, asked, “She wants your advice?” to which Jay-Z responded with a smile, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

He also recalled a time when his daughter used to react with embarrassment, saying, “There was a time where she was like, ‘Daaaaad.'” Jay-Z assured her, “I’m cool. I don’t know what you’re sayin’. I’m cool! You got cool parents! At your house, your parents [are] cool.

Jay-Z’s undeniable cool factor is further emphasized by the fact that the Brooklyn Public Library has transformed the entire building into an exhibit dedicated to his legacy. This exhibit, created by Jay-Z’s company, Roc Nation, is housed in a public library, ensuring that anyone can visit it free of charge.

The exhibit delves deeply into Jay-Z’s 13 studio albums. He began his career as an independent artist before joining Def Jam Records in the early 2000s. His debut album, “Reasonable Doubt,” holds special significance for him. Jay-Z explained, “I needed to grow into this album. And had I gone to a label, I don’t think I would’ve been able to fully explore what was really happening, because I had the freedom and the independence to really talk about the real stuff that was happening in the streets, and happening for me and my friends at the time.”


The exhibit also highlights one of Jay-Z’s most notable business moves: the reclamation of his music rights almost a decade ago. He described this as “the fight of my life.” He emphasized the importance of his children seeing his work and his intention to pass on the ownership to them, with the caveat that if they choose to sell it in the future, the decision will be theirs.

Reflecting on his various endeavors, Jay-Z shared that one thing matters most to him: “Being a beacon and helping out my culture, people of color.” While music was his first love, he expressed that he derives the most joy from using his platform to benefit others, as demonstrated by his involvement in the REFORM Alliance, which he co-founded with fellow rapper Meek Mill in 2019. This nonprofit is committed to reducing the number of people under the control of the criminal justice system by changing laws and public opinion.

Gayle King’s exclusive interview with the “Hard Knock Life” rapper airs in two parts, with part 2 scheduled for tomorrow morning. King acknowledged that securing this interview came after “several very annoying asks,” as Jay-Z typically keeps a low profile when it comes to interviews.

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