Job Cuts at Anglo American: What It Means for Employees and Investors

Job Cuts at Anglo American: What It Means for Employees and Investors

Anglo American has recently announced significant corporate office job cuts across various countries, while concurrently facing reports of job reductions at its South African iron ore division’s head office. This global mining leader initiated operational restructuring in May, as shared by a company spokesperson.

We anticipate a potential reduction in corporate office roles across multiple countries,” the spokesperson revealed. However, specific details regarding the extent and locations of these reductions were not disclosed.

Livhuwani Mammburu, representing the National Union of Mineworkers, disclosed that Anglo’s Kumba Iron Ore division intends to eliminate approximately 183 jobs, primarily at its head office. This decision stems from challenges related to transporting sufficient iron ore volumes to ports due to rail constraints in South Africa.

The number of job cuts may be reduced to around 141 if the restructuring plan proves successful, Mammburu noted, emphasizing the labor union’s opposition to these plans. He mentioned, “Kumba stated it is embarking on a restructuring, citing issues with Transnet as the primary reason.” Transnet is the state-owned logistics company responsible for rail transportation.

The miner’s iron ore exports have been hindered by frequent disruptions, often caused by factors such as locust swarms, affecting the rail line managed by Transnet. Recent complications, including cable thefts and derailments, have exacerbated the situation. Consequently, Kumba has been compelled to accumulate larger stockpiles of iron ore at its mines. Kumba’s profits for the first half of the year, up to June, experienced a 17% decline due to the challenges posed by rail issues and softer market prices.

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