Kansas Reigns Supreme: Jayhawks Hold No. 1 Spot as Gonzaga Joins Top 10

Kansas Reigns Supreme: Jayhawks Hold No. 1 Spot as Gonzaga Joins Top 10

In the latest USA TODAY Sports men’s basketball coaches poll, there’s been minimal movement near the top, but the upcoming holiday tournaments, especially the star-studded one in Hawaii, are likely to shake things up.

Maintaining their positions, the first nine teams stand firm, with only a slight shift as No. 10 Gonzaga edges past Miami (Fla.) by a single poll point, marking the sole change in the top 10. Kansas continues to dominate at No. 1, securing 25 of 32 first-place votes this week. Purdue follows at No. 2 with five firsts, and the remaining two No. 1 nods go to No. 3 Arizona. Connecticut and Marquette consistently hold their spots in the top five.

The upcoming Maui Invitational, boasting half of the top 10 teams, is expected to mix things up. Participants include the Jayhawks, Boilermakers, Marquette, No. 8 Tennessee, and Gonzaga. No. 24 UCLA, present in Honolulu, is poised to make waves. Despite a loss to Bryant, Florida Atlantic drops 10 spots but manages to remain in the poll at No. 20. Joining the rankings are No. 21 Colorado, along with newcomers No. 23 Memphis and No. 25 Mississippi State.

This influx of new teams results in the exit of four teams due to last week’s tie for 25th between UCLA and Virginia. The dropouts are Arkansas, Southern California, Villanova, and Saint Mary’s. As the holiday tournaments unfold, keep an eye out for how these changes impact the rankings, especially as Kansas Reigns Supreme at the top.

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