KSI On Beating Tommy Fury, The Sidemen’s End, and Fighting Jake Paul

KSI On Beating Tommy Fury, The Sidemen’s End, and Fighting Jake Paul

In the latest episode of Impaulsive, KSI dives deep into his recent victory over Tommy Fury, the future of The Sidemen, and his ongoing feud with Jake Paul. With his signature humor and candidness, KSI opens up about his religious beliefs, his interest in WWE, and his plans for the future. Join us as we explore the highs and lows of KSI’s journey and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

The Struggles of Long Form Content

KSI and the hosts discuss the challenges and rewards of creating long form content. While long videos can bring both positive and negative feedback, KSI shares how the positive feedback motivates him to continue creating despite the hate that often comes with it. It’s a reminder that creators shouldn’t let fear hold them back from diving deeper into their passions.

Intrusive Thoughts and Public Speaking

KSI opens up about his struggle with intrusive thoughts and how they relate to his live streams and public speaking engagements. The hosts share their own experiences with intrusive thoughts, emphasizing the importance of addressing mental health and spreading awareness.

The Role of Security Guards in the Creator Community

The topic turns to security guards and their role in the creator community. KSI and the hosts discuss the need for professional security guards who are trained in de-escalation techniques to ensure the safety of both creators and their audiences. They also address the issue of some creators using security guards to intimidate others, highlighting the importance of professionalism and respect.

The Future of Live Streaming and Content Regulation

The podcast delves into the future of live streaming and the potential impact of a major mistake caught on camera during a live stream. They also express concerns about the lack of effective content regulation on platforms like Twitch and TikTok, highlighting the need for better safety measures and moderation.

KSI’s Commitment to Religion and Its Potential Impact

KSI’s faith and commitment to religion are explored, with the hosts discussing how his genuine love for what he does resonates with his audience. They also touch upon the controversies surrounding religious leaders and the financial practices that have come under scrutiny.

KSI’s Transition to WWE and the Misfits Event

The conversation shifts to KSI’s interest in WWE and his natural transition from boxing. He shares his belief that he belongs in WWE and his excitement at the prospect of going after the Champions and winning the belts. The hosts also discuss the success of the tag team boxing format at the Misfits event and their surprise over Slim’s victory.

KSI’s Thoughts on Future Fights and Creator Boxing

KSI shares his thoughts on potential future fights between himself and other creators, suggesting matchups like Slim vs Gordon Ramsay. He reflects on his own fight with Tommy Fury and the perception of his victory, stating that it’s driven by pride rather than money. The podcast concludes with a discussion on the ongoing beef between KSI and Jake Paul and the potential for resolution.

KSI’s Uncertain Boxing Future and Jake Paul’s Ambitions

The future of KSI’s boxing career is uncertain as Jake Paul is committed to becoming a world champion within the next three years. There is speculation about a potential fight between Jake Paul and Canelo, which could have a similar impact to KSI’s fight with Floyd Mayweather. The podcast also delves into KSI’s contemplation of proving his strength by venturing alone into a remote forest.

The Importance of Being Open-Minded and Taking Breaks

The hosts discuss the importance of being open-minded to younger content creators and the potential for successful collaborations. They also talk about the need to adapt to different platforms to reach new audiences. Finally, KSI expresses the desire to take a break after the fight, highlighting the importance of relaxation and recovery.

KSI’s Billionaire Aspirations and the Power of Prime

KSI reflects on the possibility of becoming a billionaire, calculating that if Prime were to exit at its current valuation, he would be just under a billion dollars. He also contemplates the idea of selling his stake in Prime and buying out The Sidemen, sparking a discussion about the future of the group.


In this captivating episode of Impaulsive, KSI gives fans a glimpse into his world, discussing his recent victory, his passion for WWE, and his aspirations for the future. The podcast showcases KSI’s authenticity and determination, leaving viewers excited for what lies ahead. From the challenges of long form content to the potential for epic future fights, KSI’s journey is one to watch.

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