Lionel Messi First Season with Inter Miami: A Success or Failure?

Lionel Messi First Season with Inter Miami: A Success or Failure?

Oct.12 : Despite a disappointing loss to FC Cincinnati over the weekend, Inter Miami CF‘s hopes of making it to the MLS Cup playoffs were officially dashed. This, even after the highly anticipated debut of Lionel Messi in the 55th minute. So, does this mean that Messi’s inaugural season with Inter Miami was a letdown, despite his personal accomplishments?

According to former United States men’s national team star Alexi Lalas, not at all. He shared his thoughts on the matter during the latest episode of the “Alexi Lalas’ State of the Union Podcast.” “They’ve set higher expectations, which is a positive development,” Lalas noted. “When they get a fresh start at the beginning of next year, we’ll truly see what they’re made of. However, over the past six months, they’ve provided plenty of joy, excitement, and piqued the interest and curiosity of fans. So, it’s already a success, and they now have the offseason to determine their true identity.

When Lionel Messi joined Inter Miami in July, the playoffs appeared to be a distant dream. The team was languishing at the bottom of the MLS Eastern Conference, with just five victories in 16 matches. However, with Messi’s arrival, they underwent a remarkable transformation, going unbeaten in their first 11 games with the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner.

Even though the playoffs were still a long shot, they seemed within reach with Messi on board. Unfortunately, Messi’s availability became a concern during a critical phase of their push for the playoffs. In the lead-up to Saturday’s match, Messi had missed five of the club’s last six games due to a scar tissue injury. During that period, Inter Miami’s record was 1 win, 2 draws, and 2 losses.

Lionel Messi First Season with Inter Miami: A Success or Failure?
Lionel Messi First Season with Inter Miami: A Success or Failure?


With playoff hopes now shattered, Inter Miami’s focus has shifted to the upcoming season. Lalas believes that the expectations for Messi and the club will be significantly higher in the next campaign. “I believe everyone will concur that Miami will be judged in the following year,” Lalas stated. “Miami, with Messi, begins in 2024. Their achievements in this half-year scenario were remarkable, considering they joined arguably the worst team in the league with a significant deficit in points. The fact that they were even in contention at the end speaks volumes about what Tara, Messi, and the entire team have achieved.”

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