Logan Paul Reflects on Beating Dillon Danis, KSI’s Loss, and Spreading Love

Logan Paul Reflects on Beating Dillon Danis, KSI’s Loss, and Spreading Love

In the latest episode of IMPAULSIVE, Logan Paul opens up about his regrets, experiences, and the power of forgiveness. From his victory over Dillon Danis to KSI’s loss against Tommy Fury, Logan shares his thoughts on the fights and the impact they have had on his career. Join us as we delve into the details and explore Logan’s journey of self-reflection and growth.

Regrets and Reflections

Logan Paul reflects on his choice of partner and the regret of choosing Dillon Danis for the dance. He admits lying about his lack of regret during the buildup. Logan struggled with managing the situation and experienced the consequences of his actions. He discusses dealing with slander and clarifies the rumors of using steroids, mentioning the comprehensive piss test that proved otherwise. Logan also shares his sense of peace in the beautiful country he is currently in.

Proving Consequences

Logan Paul acknowledges that his promotion of the fight may not have been morally sound. However, he expresses satisfaction in defeating Dillon Danis and proving that actions have consequences. He dives into his experience as a counter puncher and the challenge of facing an opponent who isn’t throwing punches. Logan explains how Dillon’s defensive mode changed the dynamic and made it difficult for him to stay in the pocket and get a knockout. He believes the way the fight ended exposed Dillon’s lack of skill and credibility in combat sports.

Playing it Safe

Logan talks about his conservative approach in the fight, as he felt his opponent wasn’t a strong boxer and he could easily beat him. He didn’t want to take unnecessary risks and get caught with a silly mistake. Logan also recounts the worry of getting hit with a bottle or injured before the fight, emphasizing his mental fortitude and determination to not let anything stop him from stepping into the ring.

Turning Negativity into Positivity

Despite criticism, Logan Paul has a way of turning negative events into positive outcomes. He shares how he nicknamed Nina Agdal ‘Honeybadger’ due to her fearlessness in disregarding others’ opinions. Logan discusses his desire to fight someone like McGregor and put on a big show, while acknowledging his disappointment with his last fight. He reflects on KSI losing against Tommy Fury and questions his own athletic capabilities.

Cultural Impact and Drama

Logan Paul delves into the attention and cultural impact of his fights, highlighting the merging of worlds and breaking new ground in the WWE Championships. He mentions the drama generated by his fights, including Drake’s sponsored bet on him to win by knockout. Logan recalls the positive impact of his fight with Dillon Danis on his career, as it trended number one. He also emphasizes the power of forgiveness in preparing for the fight and the potential of reconciling with Dillon Danis.

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Spreading Love and Kindness

Logan Paul apologizes for his previous comments and emphasizes the need for love in this world. He discusses the insults used to refer to weak men and suggests calling them ‘ball sacks’ instead. Logan shares his satisfaction in seeing those who supported Dillon crawl back into their holes after the fight. He also expresses doubts about pursuing boxing wholeheartedly and whether he can find an opponent that matches the intensity of the KSI vs. Tommy Fury fight.

Future Fights and Music Mistakes

Logan Paul talks about potential future fights with KSI and Tommy Fury. He mentions Jake Paul’s desire for a rematch with Tommy to get his revenge. Logan believes he would prefer to see Jake vs. Tommy rematch over Jake vs. KSI at the moment. Logan also reflects on his own mistake as a music consultant and regrets not playing ‘Shook Ones.’ He shares how the support of Gordon and MGK inspired him to reach a level of forgiveness and calmness for the fight.

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Misunderstandings and Entertaining Antics

Logan Paul discusses a context misunderstanding with Jeff and highlights the importance of being careful with words to avoid unintended consequences. He also talks about Conor McGregor and his entertaining antics on Twitter, expressing mixed feelings about McGregor as a person but respecting his talent and achievements. Logan mentions his attempts to have Dillon Danis on his show but being unable due to the controversy. He appreciates Andrew Schultz for keeping it real on the show.

Regret, Forgiveness, and Positivity

Despite facing an embarrassing loss and a hefty lawsuit, Logan Paul forgives Dillon Danis and urges kindness, love, forgiveness, and positivity in the world. He shares his reflections on the fight and the impact it had on his mindset. Logan talks about the backlash and criticism he has faced, but remains focused on spreading positivity and embracing his own growth.


Logan Paul’s journey of reflection and growth has taken center stage in the latest episode of IMPAULSIVE. From regrets and lessons learned to the power of forgiveness and spreading love, Logan shares his experiences and thoughts on his recent fight with Dillon Danis and KSI’s loss against Tommy Fury. With a focus on positivity and personal growth, Logan remains resilient in the face of criticism and continues to strive for success. Join us as we follow his journey and see where it leads next.Start New Chat

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