Macquarie Sends Shareholders a Sell Signal: What to Do Next

Macquarie Sends Shareholders a Sell Signal: What to Do Next

Macquarie (MQG.AX) CEO Shemara Wikramanayake has a knack for timing the market. Two years ago, the investment bank successfully raised approximately A$2.8 billion ($1.8 billion) in equity during a period of soaring earnings and when the stock was trading at over three times its book value. Fast forward to the present, with shares down 16% and a 40% drop in net income for the six months ending September compared to the previous year, and Macquarie is making a return to the market, this time to repurchase up to A$2 billion worth of its own stock.

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The bank’s board has also increased the share of earnings allocated to dividends to 70%, the highest ratio since the 2021 capital raise. These strategic moves are likely intended to reassure shareholders concerned about the bank’s recent decline in performance. Much of the profit decrease is attributed to reduced returns from private equity-style investments, which can be inherently volatile. Additionally, a 6% increase in costs from the previous year is largely related to a digital overhaul of the bank, an investment expected to yield benefits in the future.

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Currently, these factors are acting as drags on Macquarie’s performance, compounded by reduced volatility affecting commodities and trading revenue. Achieving its historical average return on equity of around 15% may be challenging for some time, and this puts Macquarie’s current multiple of almost 2 times book value under scrutiny.


In summary, Macquarie is responding to recent challenges by repurchasing shares and increasing dividend payouts, aiming to allay shareholder concerns amid a fluctuating market environment.

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