Maluma: The Child-Loving Superstar | Insights from a Heartfelt Podcast Interview

Maluma: The Child-Loving Superstar | Insights from a Heartfelt Podcast Interview

In a recent podcast interview, Maluma opens up about his unique experiences with babies, his desire to be a parent, and his love for children. From sharing his gratitude for the cute and beautiful energy of babies to discussing his nickname ‘Maluma Baby,’ this conversation takes a heartfelt and humorous turn. Join us as we delve into the world of Maluma, his thoughts on parenthood, his love for podcasts, and his upcoming tour in North America.

The Fascination with ‘Maluma Baby’

Maluma talks about how his fans wanted him to include the nickname ‘Maluma Baby’ in his songs and reveals his desire to change his Instagram handle to ‘Maluma Baby.’ However, he laments that someone had already taken it. Despite this, the childlike joy that exudes from Maluma hints at his longing for parenthood and his playful nature.

The Difficulty of Holding a Baby During Interviews

During the interview, Maluma holds a baby for the first time, and he shares his honest experience. He admits that holding a baby during interviews can be challenging, but the adorable interaction between him and the baby throughout the conversation melts hearts. This vulnerable moment showcases a different side of the superstar, highlighting his genuine love for children.

Maluma’s Unique Nose Piercing and Tattoos

Maluma opens up about his nose piercing, revealing that he got it done eight years ago in Amsterdam. He also discusses his collection of tattoos, which includes elephants, an eagle, Buddha, and nature-themed designs. This glimpse into his personal style adds another layer of intrigue to his already charismatic persona.

The Joys and Difficulties of Parenthood

Maluma shares his fascination with the idea of being a parent and expresses his desire to have at least 20 children. However, he acknowledges the challenges of pregnancy and emphasizes the importance of understanding and supporting his partner. This candid conversation showcases Maluma’s commitment to family and his vision for a fulfilling future.

From LA to Everywhere: Maluma’s Love for Travel

Maluma discusses his love for Los Angeles and the similarities it has with his hometown. He gushes about the weather, food, people, and vibrant atmosphere of LA. Additionally, he touches on his decision to travel to Europe instead of Colombia, highlighting his farm and his love for animals. This global perspective adds depth to his music and his artistic journey.

The Uniqueness of ‘Don Juan’ and the Upcoming Tour

Maluma talks about his recently released album ‘Don Juan’ and his excitement for the upcoming tour in North America. From his preparations in New York to getting his braids done, he shares his passion for performing and engaging with his fans. This segment serves as a teaser for his latest album and showcases his dedication as an artist.

The Lighter Side of Maluma

Maluma reveals his favorite show, SpongeBob, and his love for the character Squidward. These lighthearted moments demonstrate Maluma’s playful personality and his ability to find joy even in the midst of a busy career. The conversation also touches on topics like hair, happiness, and TikTok, providing a glimpse into Maluma’s personal interests outside of music.

Braiding Hair and Building Friendships

Maluma’s openness shines through as he discusses braiding his own hair for his concerts. He shares a humorous exchange with the podcast host, offering to braid her hair, which she declines. They playfully talk about Maluma’s mom and her braiding skills, showcasing the bond between Maluma and his family. This segment highlights the importance of friendship and the fun moments shared during interviews.

Connecting with the Audience and the Fire Within

Throughout the interview, Maluma extends an invitation for the podcast host to attend his show in New York, expressing his desire for her to experience the vibrant Latino flavor. He even provides his phone number, encouraging further connection. This genuine warmth and connection exemplify the fire that drives Maluma and his dedication to his craft.


From his desire to be a parent to his passionate approach to music and performance, Maluma’s interview offers a unique and heartfelt glimpse into the life of this superstar. His love for children, his dedication to his fans, and his playful spirit shine through, making him a beloved figure in the music industry and beyond.Start New Chat

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