Bachelor Nation’s Most Eligible Singles: Meet the Cast of Bachelor in Paradise Season 9

Bachelor Nation’s Most Eligible Singles: Meet the Cast of Bachelor in Paradise Season 9

Catch an early glimpse of the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise cast, including familiar faces like Rachel Recchia, Blake Moynes, and Brayden Bowers. Watch as they embark on a journey to find love once more in this exciting season.

Cast of Bachelor in Paradise Season 9
Cast of Bachelor in Paradise Season 9

Bachelor in Paradise, a beloved reality dating show, takes past participants of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette on a quest for love in a tropical paradise. This captivating show blends drama, romance, and humor, having yielded triumphant couples like Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici, as well as Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert.

As Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 unfolds, anticipation is high for what promises to be a captivating season. The cast boasts a mix of adored past contestants, intriguing newcomers, and the potential for blossoming romances.

Trailer of Bachelor in Paradise Season 9

Cast of Bachelor in Paradise Season 9

1.Blake Moynes

As revealed in the Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 trailer posted on Instagram, 32-year-old Blake Moynes, hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, is set to make an entrance. A wildlife manager by profession, Blake has made his mark on The Bachelorette franchise. He initially appeared on Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams’ joint season in 2020. Returning the subsequent year for Katie Thurston’s edition, he went on to get engaged. Unfortunately, their engagement ended in a breakup mere months later.

2.Aven Jones

At 29 years old, Aven Jones hails from Salem, Massachusetts, and works as a sales executive. He gained prominence as the runner-up on Rachel Recchia’s season of The Bachelorette, which was season 19. Their season saw significant drama during the “After the Final Rose” episode, where Rachel confronted Tino Franco about his cheating, ultimately leading to their engagement’s dissolution. Aven then made an appearance, and he and Rachel decided to catch up. Although they left the stage together, it appears that their relationship didn’t progress much beyond that point.

3.Tyler Norris

At 26 years old, Tyler Norris resides in Wildwood, New Jersey, and operates as a small business owner. His journey in Bachelor Nation began on Rachel and Gabby Windey’s season. Unfortunately, Rachel decided to end their relationship before meeting his family during the first part of his hometown date. Subsequently, Tyler participated in Bachelor in Paradise season 8, where he left Mexico with a relationship with Brittany Galvin. Regrettably, their romance didn’t stand the test of time and they broke up shortly after the conclusion of filming.

4.Jordan Vandergriff

At 28 years old, Jordan Vandergriff hails from Alpharetta, Georgia, and pursues a career as a drag racer. His introduction to Bachelor Nation occurred on Rachel and Gabby’s season of The Bachelorette. Unfortunately, Jordan’s journey on the show was short-lived, as Rachel decided to eliminate him during their very first one-on-one date of the season.

5.Will Urena

Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Will Urena is a 31-year-old academic interventionist who made his debut in Bachelor Nation on Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette. Throughout the season, tensions between Will and Peter Izzo were evident. Their clash was notably highlighted during a spelling challenge on a group date, where, as a joke, Will spelled “Peter” when asked to spell “narcissist.” Another incident arose when Peter threw a jacket, won by Will on a date with Michelle, into a swimming pool. The jacket was from a Top Gun movie-themed date. These incidents led Will to question Peter’s intentions on the show.

6.Eliza Isichei

Hailing from Berlin, Germany, Eliza Isichei is a 27-year-old marketing manager who entered the Bachelor Nation scene on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. Her journey continued on Bachelor in Paradise season 8, where she found herself entangled in a love triangle involving Rodney Mathews and Justin Glaze. Despite her efforts, both romantic connections eventually faded away. Undeterred, Eliza is making her return to the sandy shores of paradise for a third opportunity at finding love within the franchise.

7.Samantha Jeffries

Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, Samantha Jeffries is a 28-year-old occupational therapist who made her first appearance on Clayton’s season of The Bachelor. Samantha made a memorable entrance by arriving in a limo in a bikini, soaking in a tub filled with bubbles while sipping champagne. Despite her attention-grabbing introduction, she mysteriously disappeared from the show and wasn’t even present during the first rose ceremony.

8.Mercedes Northup

Introducing Mercedes Northrup, a 25-year-old nonprofit case manager from Bloomfield, Iowa, who made her mark on Zach’s season of The Bachelor. Her journey took an unexpected turn when Zach, grappling with COVID-19, made the difficult decision to eliminate her via a virtual Zoom call from London. Now, Mercedes is set to write a new chapter in her romantic story as she ventures into the sun-soaked shores of Bachelor in Paradise season 9, hoping to find the love and happiness that eluded her before.

9.Kat Izzo

Bachelor Nation fans will recognize 26-year-old registered nurse Kat Izzo as a former contestant from The Bachelor. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, Kat is set to make her appearance on Bachelor in Paradise season 9. During her time on the show, she formed a connection with Zach, a fellow contestant from his own season. Despite their initial bond, their relationship didn’t stand the test of time, leading to their eventual breakup. Now, Kat is ready to give love another shot as she ventures to Mexico for a chance at finding romance in the paradise of Bachelor in Paradise.

10.Jess Girod

Meet 24-year-old e-commerce coordinator Jess Girod, hailing from Winter Springs, Florida. Jess gained attention as a contestant on Zach’s season of The Bachelor, where she forged a strong connection with him. However, as the realization dawned upon her that she was among the few who hadn’t experienced a one-on-one date, Jess mustered the courage to confront Zach about it. Unfortunately, her candid confrontation led to her being eliminated on the spot from the competition. Now, Jess is set to embark on a new romantic journey in Bachelor in Paradise season 9, where she hopes to find lasting love.

11.Greer Blitzer

Meet Greer Blitzer, a 25-year-old medical sales representative hailing from Bellaire, Texas, who made waves during Zach’s season of The Bachelor. Greer’s journey was marked by both controversy and introspection. She faced scrutiny for her past defense of a friend’s blackface appearance on social media. Early in the season, Greer posted an apology on Instagram, and during the Women Tell All episode, she delved deeper into the topic. While she earned Zach’s first impression rose and shared a connection, their bond faced a setback when both contracted COVID-19. The challenges of their separation ultimately led to their parting ways, marking the end of their Bachelor journey and the beginning of her quest for love on Bachelor in Paradise season 9.

12.Brooklyn Willie

Zach’s decision to eliminate Brooklyn Willie, a 25-year-old rodeo racer from Mineola, Texas, came just before the pivotal hometown dates. Brooklyn emerged as an inspiring and resilient presence on the show, bravely sharing her journey of surviving domestic abuse. Her strength and determination resonated with viewers as she stood up for her friends and championed important causes. Brooklyn’s impactful presence left a lasting impression on the season and showcased her unwavering commitment to fighting for justice and standing up for what is right.

13.Kylee Russell

While Kylee Russell, a 25-year-old postpartum nurse from Charlotte, North Carolina, may not have left Zach’s Bachelor season with an engagement, she certainly made her mark. Kylee’s interactions with Anastasia Keramidas became a point of attention, particularly during a group date. In her attempt to spend time with Zach, Kylee’s actions prompted a discussion about aggression and microaggressions, an important dialogue led by Genevie Mayo during the Women Tell All episode. Despite not being threatening, Kylee’s behavior highlighted complex dynamics among the contestants. Unfortunately, her journey, along with Mercedes’, was cut short during the Zoom rose ceremony due to Zach’s COVID-19 diagnosis.

14.Genevie Mayo

Genevie Mayo, a 27-year-old neonatal nurse from Joppa, Maryland, initially joined Zach’s Bachelor season. Although Zach eliminated her in the fourth week, Genevie’s impact extended beyond her time on the show. She notably stood out during “The Women Tell All” special, where she skillfully guided a significant conversation about microaggressions. Her eloquence and insights left a lasting impression on both the audience and her fellow contestants.

15.Olivia Lewis

Olivia Lewis, a 25-year-old patient care technician from Churchville, New York, made her entrance on Zach’s Bachelor season. Unfortunately, Bachelor Nation had only a brief encounter with her, as Zach chose to eliminate her in the first week of the competition. Despite her short stint on the show, Olivia left a mark as one of the contestants who briefly joined the journey for love.

16.Brayden Bowers

Brayden Bowers, a 25-year-old travel nurse hailing from San Diego, California, made his appearance on Charity’s season with his distinct personality and eye-catching style, characterized by his bold fashion choices and striking earrings. Despite his initial connection with Charity, their journey hit a roadblock when Brayden confessed that he couldn’t envision an engagement at the end of the process, ultimately leading to their breakup.

17.Aaron Bryant

Aaron Bryant, a 30-year-old software salesman hailing from Katy, Texas, secured the third spot on Charity’s Bachelorette season. After facing an initial elimination following his hometown date, Aaron made a bold move by returning to win Charity back. Despite their strong bond, Charity ultimately didn’t choose Aaron in the end. Undeterred, Aaron now sets his sights on finding love in the enchanting setting of Bachelor in Paradise.

18.Sean McLaughlin

Sean McLaughlin, a 26-year-old software sales representative hailing from Tampa, Florida, is set to join the cast of Bachelor in Paradise season 9. He originally competed on Charity’s season of The Bachelorette, making it to the final six before being eliminated just before the hometown dates. Now, Sean is ready to explore new romantic opportunities in the tropical paradise of Bachelor in Paradise.

The Potential Love Matches

Gabby and Rachel: Emerging from Clayton Echard’s Bachelor season, Gabby and Rachel are cherished by fans for their kindness and compassion. Having formed a solid friendship during their time on the show, their connection runs deep. Yet, their strong-willed natures might pose challenges in terms of compromise. Negotiating potential jealousy from other contestants could also be on the horizon.

Tammy and Thomas: Tammy and Thomas stand out for their vibrant personalities and frankness. Unafraid to express themselves, they could revel in each other’s company on Bachelor in Paradise. Their competitive streak, however, could lead to contention over attention. Effective communication will be pivotal if they intend to establish a lasting bond.

Natasha and Ivan: Natasha and Ivan radiate empathy and warmth. On a shared quest for their soulmates, they might discover that connection within each other. Overcoming their shyness and initiating the first steps may pose a challenge, and they’ll need to stay grounded amidst the show’s drama to preserve their blossoming relationship.

Alana and Brendan: Alana and Brendan exude confidence and beauty, making them a visually striking pair. However, their independence might make it tough to find time for each other in the midst of Bachelor in Paradise’s whirlwind. Navigating their egos and priorities will be crucial for their relationship to flourish.

These potential love stories are merely a glimpse into what Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 has in store. The anticipation is high, and viewers are eager to witness who will find their match amidst the paradise setting.

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour

Another heartwarming success story comes from Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour, who found their lasting love on Bachelor in Paradise. After meeting and getting engaged on the show in 2019, the couple has now officially tied the knot. Their wedding took place at the enchanting Château de Villette in Condécourt, France.

Hannah shared her joy exclusively with Et News on August 24th, saying, “I married my best friend surrounded by our closest family and friends and it meant everything to us. It was a dream come true.” The beautiful journey of Hannah and Dylan serves as further inspiration for the new batch of hopefuls venturing into the world of Bachelor in Paradise.

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