New Year Resolution: Win the $765M Powerball Jackpot

New Year Resolution: Win the $765M Powerball Jackpot

The Powerball jackpot has surged to a whopping estimated $760 million as no lucky winner emerged from Wednesday night’s draw. The winning numbers for this midweek jackpot were 4, 11, 38, 51, 68, and the Powerball 5 in red.

The prize’s estimated cash value stands at an impressive $383.6 million. In the upcoming Saturday night draw, should a player clinch the jackpot, they face a decision between receiving annual payments totaling $760 million. This plan comprises an immediate payment followed by 29 yearly installments, each increasing by 5%. Alternatively, there’s the option of a lump sum payment, estimated at $383.6 million.

Mark your calendars for the next drawing on Saturday night, as it marks the final Powerball event of 2023. A notable streak continues with 33 consecutive draws without a jackpot victor, with the last Powerball jackpot claimed on October 11.


This particular jackpot represents the fourth this year to surpass the $500 million mark. The most substantial jackpot of the year, a jaw-dropping $1.765 billion, was secured on October 11 in California. The second-largest, a substantial $1.08 billion, was claimed on July 19, also in California, according to Powerball records.

Grab your Powerball tickets at just $2 each, but keep in mind that the odds of seizing the jackpot prize are quite challenging at one in 292.2 million. Reflecting on the game’s history, the largest prize ever, a staggering $2.04 billion, was triumphantly achieved on November 7, 2022. Don’t miss your chance at becoming the next Powerball millionaire!

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