Nick Cannon Chaotic Holiday: Juggling 12 Kids and Festive Cheer

Nick Cannon Chaotic Holiday: Juggling 12 Kids and Festive Cheer

Nick Cannon Revels in Festive Joy at the 2023 Soul Train Music Awards

Nick Cannon, the dynamic father of 12, took a moment to share his holiday plans and soak in the joyous atmosphere at the 2023 Soul Train Music Awards in Los Angeles. Speaking with ET backstage at the awards ceremony, Cannon expressed his delight at being surrounded by friends and peers on this soulful night.

The 2023 Soul Train Awards, aired on BET, presented a reimagined ceremony that transformed into an intimate and unforgettable Hollywood party, celebrating the best in soul music and the iconic legacy brand. Cannon praised the network for delivering the perfect vibes, turning the event into a family reunion with an abundance of good energy.

Describing the soulfulness of the Soul Train Awards, Cannon shared his excitement about catching up with people he doesn’t get to see often. The Masked Singer host conveyed his love for the energy and camaraderie at the event, making it a special occasion.

While basking in the Soul Train Awards experience, Cannon also revealed his anticipation for the upcoming holiday season, marking his “favorite time of year.” As he prepares for the festivities, he humorously mentioned dusting off his Santa Claus suit and spreading cheer by making rounds like Saint Nick.

Cannon emphasized the significance of the holidays for children, mentioning his commitment to creating fun and over-the-top experiences for his kids in the next 30 days. With a twinkle in his eye, he hinted at bringing joy to every chimney he could possibly reach.

The Daily Cannon host shared insights into his family, highlighting the importance of celebrating the holidays with his 12 children. From twins with Mariah Carey to unique names like Rise Messiah and Powerful Queen, Cannon is dedicated to making the holiday season memorable for his diverse and loving family. As he gears up for this festive time, Nick Cannon is set to play the role of Saint Nick with enthusiasm and a heart full of joy.

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