Oprah, Michelle Obama, Jon Stewart Win Podcast Honors at Signal Awards (Exclusive)

Oprah, Michelle Obama, Jon Stewart Win Podcast Honors at Signal Awards (Exclusive)

This year’s Signal Awards had some notable winners, including Kevin Hart, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ed Helms, Snoop Dogg, and Audible. In fact, Audible clinched the prestigious title of Signal Company of the Year, securing an impressive 32 wins.

Oct.11 : Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Jon Stewart, Kevin Hart, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ed Helms, and Snoop Dogg have clinched prestigious honors at the second annual Signal Awards, recognizing the world’s top podcasts. This exclusive revelation comes courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.

Among the standout winners, Michelle Obama’s podcast, “The Light Podcast,” Kevin Hart’sGold Minds,” Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ “Wiser Than Me,” and Ed Helms’ “SNAFU” have earned numerous accolades. Oprah Winfrey has secured the title of “Best Guest – Individual Episode” for her appearance on Michelle Obama’s podcast, “The Light.” This podcast also emerged victorious in the “Advice and How-To – Limited Series and Specials” category, claiming both the main award and the listeners’ choice award.

In the “Interview or Talk Show – Shows” category, “Gold Minds” and “Wiser Than Me” have risen to the top, with Kevin Hart’s “Hartbeat” show also taking the crown in the “Comedy – Shows” category. Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ “Lemonada” podcast has been celebrated as the “Best Hosts – Shows.”

Oprah Winfrey’s best guest award is shared with Ashley Johnson from HBO’s “The Last of Us,” another multi-award-winning podcast, along with Tom Holland’s appearance on the multi-winner “On Purpose With Jay Shetty.”

Ed Helms’ “SNAFU” has been honored for “Best Writing – Limited Series and Specials” as well as “History – Limited Series and Specials.” Jon Stewart has been recognized as the “Best Host (Current Events)” for his podcast, “The Problem with Jon Stewart,” sharing the title with Dana Thomas from “The Green Dream” and Reid Hoffman from “Masters of Scale: Brand While You Build.”

Other shining stars at this year’s Signal Awards include Conan O’Brien, who secured the award for “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” in the “Best Video Podcast – Branded Shows and Advertising (Listeners’ Choice)” category, Snoop Dogg for “W+ M” in the “Music – Limited Series and Specials” category, and Mo Rocca for his “Mobituaries” podcast, which received recognition in the “History – Shows (Listeners’ Choice)” category.

Audible has claimed a remarkable 32 awards this year, earning the title of Signal Company of the Year. Some of the winning podcasts from Audible include “Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast,” “The Sesame Street Podcast,” “Mandela: The Lost Tapes,” “Origins,” “American Football,” and “The Goop Pursuit,” among others.

“2023 witnessed a monumental year for podcasts, with global listenership reaching new heights and fresh trends taking shape,” said Deondric Royster, the managing director of the Signal Awards. He further commented, “The winners of the second annual Signal Awards embody the finest in the industry: those who are breaking boundaries, sharing vital narratives, spreading laughter, and reinforcing the immense power of podcasting to connect with audiences worldwide.”

The Signal Awards for this year received nearly 2,000 entries, and during the public voting phase, over 130,000 votes were cast for the Signal Listener’s Choice award. Top vote-getters included “Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast,” “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend,” “HBO’s The Last of Us Podcast,” “Mobituaries with Mo Rocca,” “Small Town Dicks,” “Barely Famous,” “And That’s Why We Drink,” and “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls.”

The Signal Award Winners will be celebrated at a reception on October 23 at The Bowery NYC. These winners were thoughtfully selected by the Signal Academy, which included founding jurors such as Jody Avirgan, Ray Chao, Rachael King, Maya Watson, Michael Gluckstadt, Anna Hossnieh, Jenny Kaplan, Deray McKesson, and Nikki Silva, all of whom played a pivotal role in recognizing excellence within the podcasting industry.

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The Problem with Jon Stewart: The Official Podcast – Apple TV Podcast
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Best Exclusive Content + Experiences – Shows (Listener’s Choice)
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Interview or Talk Show – Shows
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Wiser Than Me – Lemonada Media   
Profoundly Pointless – Profoundly Pointless
Gal on the Go Unplugged, Encouraging You to Live Boldly! – Gal on the Go Unplugged
Comedy – Shows
Gold Minds with Kevin Hart – Hartbeat
Documentary – Shows
Teaching Texas Shows – Wonder Media Network
The Catch – Season 2 – Foreign Policy
Admissible: Shreds of Evidence – VPM Media Corporation  
Operation: Tradebom – Apple TV Podcast     
DDx: Abortion as Healthcare (a Miniseries) – Figure 1
History – Shows (Listener’s Choice)
Mobituaries with Mo Rocca – Paramount
Best Hosts – Shows
Wiser Than Me – Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Lemonada
Beef with Bridget Todd – Next Chapter Podcasts
Dark History – Bailey Sarain – Audioboom
Mind of a Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer – Michelle Ward – Warner Bros. Discovery
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True Crime – Shows (Listener’s Choice)
And That’s Why We Drink – Metro Public Relations
Kids – Shows (Listener’s Choice)
Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls – Rebel Girls 
Best Video Podcast – Branded Shows & Advertising (Listener’s Choice)
Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend – Samsung Electronics – SXM Media
Television & Film — Individual Episode (Listener’s Choice)
HBO’s The Last of Us Podcast – Episode 3 – “Long, Long Time” – Warner Bros. Discovery
Best Guest – Individual Episode
Michelle Obama – The Light Podcast: “Barack is My Home” with Oprah Winfrey (Ep. 8) – AUDIBLE
HBO’s The Last of Us – Ashley Johnson – Warner Bros. Discovery
On Purpose with Jay Shetty – Tom Holland ON: How to Overcome Social Anxiety & Beneficial Life Lessons You Can Learn From Family
Questlove Supreme – The Oriel Co.   
Best Writing – Individual Episode
The No Good, Terribly Kind, Wonderful Lives and Tragic Deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman – “Chapter Eight: Thin Lines” – Antica Productions
Ep. 126 The Barn – Ballen Studios
VR Gloves: Where air guitar meets a Nintendo flop, meets the future of remote surgery – Setapp
Best Guest – Individual Episode
The Official Game of Thrones Podcast: House of the Dragon, “Live from GOT Fan Con with Kit Harington” – Warner Bros. Discovery
Arts & Culture – Individual Episode
Hungry for History with Eva Longoria and Maite Gomez-Rejón – iHeartPodcasts
Origins – Tobe Nwigwe – Audible
The World’s Greatest Italian Beef – Kevin Pang – America’s Test Kitchen 
Lifestyle – Individual Episode
Biscuits & Jam – Hoda Kotb Is a Southerner – Dotdash Meredith
Best Conversation Starter – Individual Episode
Did Mac Dre Really Go to Prison Because of His Lyrics – KQED
Beyond 6 Seconds: Dissociative Identity Disorder with Amber Louise Ainsworth – Beyond 6 Seconds
Interview or Talk Show – Individual Episode
Wish I Knew: Peter Beck – Bessemer Venture Partners
Skip Intro – Steven Yeun – Netflix
What the Hack: Jill Schlesinger Hits the Reset Button – Loud Tree Media
Milk Drunk: The Podcast – Meghan Trainor & Emily Oster: Redefining “Best” Parenting – Bobbie
Music – Individual Episode
Origins: Doja Cat – AUDIBLE
Interview or Talk Show – Individual Episode (Listener’s Choice)
Barely Famous Podcast x Kat Stickler – PodcastOne
Most Innovative Audio Experience – Limited Series & Specials
Björk: Sonic Symbolism – Archetype
Advice & How To – Limited Series & Specials 
Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast – AUDIBLE
Advice & How To – Limited Series & Specials (Listener’s Choice)
Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast – AUDIBLE
Best Editing – Limited Series & Specials
Culpable – Tenderfoot TV
Into America: Street Disciples – MSNBC
Long Shadow: Rise of the American Far Right – Long Lead
Heretic in the House – The Shalom Hartman Institute
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – Limited Series & Specials
The Idiom – SBS
Free From Desire: Asexual in the City of Love – Paradiso Media
Women of Europe – Deutsche Welle
History – Limited Series & Specials
SNAFU with Ed Helms – FilmNation Entertainment, Pacific Electric Picture Company, Gilded Audio, iHeartRadio            
Best Original Score or Music – Limited Series & Specials
Lake Song – Make Believe Association
Best Writing – Limited Series & Specials
Growing Up Powerful – Rebel Girls
SNAFU with Ed Helms – FilmNation Entertainment
Into America: Street Disciples – MSNBC Into America Podcast
High Strange – Tenderfoot TV 
Music – Limited Series & Specials
Snoop Dogg W+M – AUDIBLE

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