Philippines to Recruit Cyber Warriors to Defend Against Online Attacks

Philippines to Recruit Cyber Warriors to Defend Against Online Attacks

  • The Philippines establishes a cyber command to combat frequent cyber attacks and seeks to recruit cyber experts.
  • Tensions with China raise concerns as the Philippines focuses on enhancing cyber resilience and modernizing its defense infrastructure.

The Philippine military is taking proactive steps to enhance its cybersecurity. Amid a rising frequency of cyber attacks, they are establishing a dedicated cyber command. To bolster this initiative, they plan to ease recruitment standards, seeking cyber experts. General Romeo Brawner, Chief of the Armed Forces, revealed that various government agencies, including Congress, have reported such attacks, with some believed to originate abroad.

Rather than conventional infantry recruitment, the focus will shift towards enlisting cyber warriors, recognizing that their strength lies in their digital prowess. Although the military has encountered almost daily cyber threats, none have successfully breached their defenses. While the sources of these attacks weren’t disclosed, recent tensions with China, particularly in the South China Sea, have raised concerns.

In response to these growing threats, the Philippines has incorporated cyber defense training in joint exercises with U.S. forces, underlining the significance of cyber resilience in their defense strategy. Furthermore, the military plans to discontinue the practice of allowing telecom companies to construct cell towers within military camps, a move aimed at securing sensitive areas.

As part of their modernization efforts, they are seeking radar equipment from Japan to bolster their surveillance capabilities in territorial waters and the exclusive economic zone. These measures demonstrate the Philippines’ commitment to safeguarding its cyber infrastructure and territorial integrity.

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