Prada menswear winter collection for its 2024-25

Prada menswear winter collection for its 2024-25

The latest Prada menswear collection, showcased during the third day of Milan Fashion Week menswear previews, signals the revival of seasons as a source of rejuvenation for the spirit. Nature took center stage, with Prada transforming its showroom into a captivating backdrop for the 2024-25 fall and winter menswear collection, encouraging people to reconnect with the outdoors.

Beneath a transparent plexiglass floor in the revamped Prada showroom, a man-made stream flowed over rocks, creating a soothing atmosphere. The fashion crowd, seated on blue office chairs arranged in a swirling runway pattern, witnessed the exploration of the interplay between the natural and working worlds.

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Co-creative director Miuccia Prada, speaking backstage, emphasized the collection’s significance as “the return of the seasons,” representing a spiritual renewal. This collection transcends conventional distinctions between office and outdoor wear, aiming for a lifestyle that embraces outdoor experiences, not just as a transit point.

The ensemble includes uncinched raincoats—double-breasted or zippered—structured with epaulettes, accompanied by knit bathing caps and tight ribbed hoods for protection against the elements. Athletic textured leggings paired with turtlenecks in vibrant contrasting shades reinforce the theme.

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Co-creative director Raf Simons highlighted the collection’s connection to water in various forms, from the sea to rain, a stream, and ice. Prada opted for white-and-turquoise fishermen sandals and heelless dress shoes over traditional wellies. The show’s diverse references ranged from Wall Street to revisiting details and silhouettes from the 1920s to the 1960s, providing a fresh take on clothing architecture.

For the office, ties made a comeback, worn over two-tone shirts with white collars. Jackets featured significant proportions, and leather belts on trousers replaced waistbands, cinched at the hip with intricate weaves or plain and sloping designs. Tweed offered texture, while knitwear introduced brightness, with twinsets showcasing contrasting color stories like fire engine red and turquoise, olive and salmon.

Miuccia Prada expressed the desire to connect clothing with basic elements of human nature, such as the changing seasons and the outdoors. While subtly referencing climate change, the collection refrains from explicit messaging, aiming to address relevant topics without overwhelming the audience.

Celebrities Jake Gyllenhaal and James McAvoy enjoyed front-row seats, while adoring fans outside eagerly awaited K-pop VIPs. The Prada menswear collection transcends fashion, offering a unique blend of style, functionality, and a connection to the ever-changing world around us.

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