Purdue Coach Ryan Walters Accuses Michigan of Spying

Purdue Coach Ryan Walters Accuses Michigan of Spying

The issue of Michigan’s football program allegedly stealing opponents’ signals has largely been kept under wraps until now. In his weekly radio show on Thursday, Purdue football coach Ryan Walters decided to address the matter publicly, just ahead of the Boilermakers’ Saturday night game against second-ranked Michigan.

Walters expressed his concern, stating, “It’s unfortunate,” when radio host Tim Newton asked about the team’s preparations for the game in light of these accusations. He emphasized that these are not mere allegations; there is concrete evidence to support the claim. “There’s video evidence. There’s ticket purchases and sales that you can track back. We know for a fact that they were at a number of our games.”

The allegations involve a Michigan staff member, Connor Stalions, who has been recently suspended due to his alleged involvement in helping the Wolverines steal signals from potential opponents, actions that violate NCAA rules. Stalions is said to have purchased tickets to games involving Michigan opponents and potential postseason opponents for the purpose of stealing signs and scouting.

Purdue faced Michigan in last year’s Big Ten championship game, resulting in a 43-22 victory for Michigan. This game marked the first meeting between the two programs since 2017.

Walters indicated during his Monday press conference that Purdue would need to adapt its plans accordingly. On the radio show, he shed more light on the situation, revealing, “We’ve had to teach our guys a new language in terms of some signals, and we’ll operate differently offensively. You might see us in a huddle for the first time this season. So it is what it is, but we’re excited to go play, and I think it would make for a great story.”

The public disclosure by Purdue Coach Ryan Walters regarding Michigan’s signal-stealing allegations adds an intriguing dimension to the upcoming game and raises questions about fair play in college football.

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