Salesforce’s Strong Results Show Cloud Computing is Still Booming

Salesforce’s Strong Results Show Cloud Computing is Still Booming

  • Second Quarter Revenue of $8.60 Billion, up 11% Year-Over-Year (“Y/Y”), up 11% in Constant Currency (“CC”)
  • Second Quarter GAAP Operating Margin of 17.2% and Non-GAAP Operating Margin of 31.6%
  • Current Remaining Performance Obligation of $24.1 Billion, up 12% Y/Y, 11% CC
  • Second Quarter GAAP Diluted Earnings per Share (“EPS”) of $1.28 and Non-GAAP Diluted EPS of $2.12
  • Returned $1.9 Billion to Stockholders in the Second Quarter in the Form of Share Repurchases
  • Initiates Third Quarter FY24 Revenue Guidance of $8.70 Billion to $8.72 Billion, up ~11% Y/Y
  • Raises Full Year FY24 Revenue Guidance to $34.7 Billion to $34.8 Billion, up ~11% Y/Y
  • Raises Full Year FY24 GAAP Operating Margin Guidance to ~13.3% and Non-GAAP Operating Margin Guidance to ~30.0%
  • Raises Full Year FY24 Operating Cash Flow Growth Guidance to 22% to 23% Y/Y

In a remarkable development, Salesforce has sent shockwaves through the financial realm with its latest earning results, prompting a remarkable 6% surge in after-hours trading. This surge comes hot on the heels of the cloud software company’s release of quarterly performance and forward guidance that not only met but exceeded Wall Street’s most optimistic predictions.

Earnings Beyond Expectations

The earning results unveiled an outstanding performance by Salesforce, surpassing analysts’ estimates with an impressive earnings per share of $2.12, adjusted. This accomplishment overshadowed the projected $1.90 per share, as anticipated by Refinitiv’s analyst consensus.

Revenue Overview:

In a further display of their prowess, Salesforce achieved an astonishing revenue of $8.60 billion, which stood strong against the expected $8.53 billion according to Refinitiv’s forecast.

A Year of Growth

Quarterly Growth:
The fiscal second quarter showcased an impressive 11% surge in Salesforce‘s revenue compared to the preceding year, signifying a substantial stride in their performance trajectory.

Net Income Leap:
Notably, the net income of the company skyrocketed to $1.27 billion, translating to an earnings per share of $1.28. This starkly contrasts the $68 million, or 7 cents per share, recorded in the corresponding quarter of the previous year.

Navigating Challenges Amidst Uncertain Times

Challenges in the Landscape:
Amy Weaver, the finance chief, shed light on the challenges that Salesforce confronted in the face of an uncertain economic backdrop. The company encountered hurdles both in the U.S. market and across diverse sectors, such as technology, retail, and consumer goods.

Impact on Growth:
These challenges translated to prolonged sales cycles, additional layers of deal approval, and a compression of deals across various divisions, including subscription, support, and professional services.

Shaping the Path Forward
Looking ahead, Salesforce offers a glimpse into their anticipated performance for the forthcoming quarter. The company projects adjusted earnings per share to fall within the range of $2.05 to $2.06, accompanied by revenue projections spanning from $8.7 billion to $8.72 billion.

Analyst Insights:
Interestingly, analysts surveyed by Refinitiv had earlier projected adjusted earnings of $1.83 per share and $8.66 billion in sales, showcasing the company’s confidence in surpassing these expectations.

An AI-Driven Future

Strategic Growth through AI:
Highlighting comprehensive growth, Salesforce managed to make strides across all five of its product categories. CEO Marc Benioff particularly emphasizes the role of artificial intelligence in driving expansion, stating that the company is guiding its clientele into a new era of AI-powered solutions.

AI-Powered Enhancements:
The quarter saw Salesforce‘s introduction of AI enhancements to its Sales Cloud and Service Cloud applications. These enhancements come at an additional cost of $50 per person per month, supplementing the existing charges.

AI Cloud Vision:
Additionally, Salesforce unveiled its strategic move towards an AI Cloud, designed to encompass tools tailored for marketing and data analysis. Notably, these AI initiatives and recent pricing adjustments are projected to have a limited impact on the annual guidance.

A Year of Triumph

Full-Year Forecast Enhancement:
Buoyed by their achievements, Salesforce has elevated its full-year forecast. The company now foresees adjusted earnings per share ranging from $8.04 to $8.06, alongside revenue projections spanning $34.7 billion to $34.8 billion.

Analyst Comparison:
This revised forecast indicates an impressive 11% revenue growth, a stark contrast to the initial analyst consensus of $7.45 per share in profit and $34.65 billion in revenue.


As the dust settles, Salesforce‘s soaring shares, which have climbed by an astonishing 62% year-to-date, stand as a testament to their strategic vision, resilience, and unwavering commitment to innovation. Amidst a backdrop of economic uncertainty, these earning results affirm Salesforce’s position as a pioneering force in the realm of cloud software solutions, poised to shape the future with artificial intelligence and continued growth.

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