Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler Celebrate the Arrival of Baby No. 2

Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler Celebrate the Arrival of Baby No. 2

Country star Sam Hunt took to social media to share the joyous news of the arrival of his second child with wife Hannah Lee Fowler. Expressing his gratitude with a caption that read “Thank You Lord,” Hunt posted a heartwarming family photo on Instagram. In the picture, Hunt is seen holding their daughter Lucy, while Fowler stands proudly by his side cradling their newborn.

Despite the excitement, Hunt has opted to keep certain details private, such as the baby’s name, gender, and birthdate. The couple had previously revealed their expanding family in April, shortly after Hunt shared the news with his concert audience.

This surprise announcement came almost a year after the couple welcomed their first daughter. The initial announcement occurred on stage during a charity concert in Nashville, Tennessee, just weeks after Hannah called off their divorce, which she had filed for in February 2022 citing “irreconcilable differences.” Hunt and Hannah’s relationship has had its ups and downs, dating back to at least 2008.

Divorce documents, obtained by ET, revealed that the couple was expecting their first child together. During this time, Fowler accused Hunt of “inappropriate marital conduct” and claimed he was “guilty of adultery.” Despite the challenges, a few months later in May, the couple decided to give their marriage a second chance. A source shared with ET that they were working on healing their relationship, focusing on the excitement of welcoming their baby girl together, with Hunt putting in effort to ensure Fowler feels comfortable, safe, and trusts him. Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler have faced challenges but are embracing the joy of expanding their family.

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